5 Ways to Decorate with Fabric Scraps

Many of us have them. Boxes, shelves, tubs, drawers full of fabric scraps. There’s something about the fabric scrap that says, “Please don’t throw me out! I’ll be perfect for something you’re doing… someday.” And we keep the scraps and buy more fabric to use on other projects that in turn create more pleading scraps. And the cycle continues, project after project, until our fabric storage is literally bursting at the seams. Sound familiar? (Oh, please say this sounds familiar! Don’t let me be the only one!)

The good news is, there are clever and chic and creative ways to use said fabric scraps in ways that beautify our surroundings and free up some space. Consider the following:

How about this wall vignette using an embroidery hoop collection filled with vintage-inspired fabrics? I adore this sweet grouping, especially when paired with the vintage suitcases and sky blue vintage fan. Quite a delightful nook. I would like to see the hoops lowered to actual eye height (and to work a little more closely with the other items), but this is a lovely use of fabric bits.

Definitely more time-consuming to create are these sweet patchwork wall hangings. I love the eclectic yet complementary fabrics, ranging from solids to small patterns to large patterns. The fabric works well here combined in graphic rectangular shapes, and paired with the polka-dotted letter W and circle garland, you really can do no wrong. Very charming.

What if you were to pin your fabric scraps to the wall to use as a headboard? This is a fabulous idea, and it’s given a degree of credibility and presence with the addition of the framed piece in the middle. You could do this temporary (or permanent if you love it forever!) setup in an afternoon, and I imagine you would love the super shabby chic almost bohemian style for as long as it’s around. I especially love the warmth and casual vibe; it feels “homey.”

And what about this tree wall mural? This is a wonderful idea if you have lots of tiny fabric scrap pieces. They can even be loosely complementary (translation: they don’t all have to go together, really), which is ideal for scrap projects. As long as most of them can contribute to an overall look, your unique scraps will add whimsy and personality. What a perfect addition to this natural nursery.

And, of course, we can’t forget a fabric bunting/garland. This one uses the same fabric, but you can use scraps of a variety of fabrics as well. Fabric garlands are casual and fun, and they can use any size of flags and be any length. They add color and dimension and pattern and “art” on the wall in a whimsical and sweet way; I adore them in children-centered spaces.

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Published by in DIY Projects, on December 17th, 2012


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