5 Tips To Create More Storage Space In Your Bedroom

There is always a need for extra storage space and that too in the bedroom because almost all of us are very possessive about our things and prefer to store it under the hand. From clothes, to bags, shoes, accessories, collectibles, jewelry, etc are all stored in the bedroom. Most of the people are unable to afford home improvement projects that double up the storage area, but fortunately there is a plethora of other ways to create more storage space in your bedroom.

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Here is a list of some easy to implement and inexpensive storage ideas to create more storage space in your bedroom –

1.One of the first things that you can do in order to enhance the storage space in your bedroom is to get storage containers, bags or bins that are specifically designed for under bed storage. They are usually clear plastic boxes so that can you easily see the stored items. They are slim enough and fit quite easily under any bed size. You may also use an old dresser drawer and attach wheels to it and make an under bed storage drawer. And if you can buy a loft bed then there cannot be a better option.

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2.Another important storage space in the bedroom is the closet or the clothing space. Buy a closet that has enough shelves and drawers so that can you can segregate things and store.

3.Check for free wall space in your bedroom. The walls of a bedroom offer a myriad of opportunity to store almost anything from books to photos, important papers, magazines, keepsakes, etc. Install attractive shelves on the walls and store whatever you desire. If the wall behind the bed is free then that’s the best wall to install shelves.

4.Try to use corners of the room for a good use. Corners of the room are often ignored, but they bear the full potential to add storage space.  A shelving unit can easily be added in a corner and be used for storing of perfumes or daily items such as watch, purses, etc.

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5.Storage space can also be created by transforming a bay window into a window seat possessing storage space underneath. If the windowsills are wide, then you can place books, magazines, photos, show pieces on them and free up the other spaces for storing of other things.

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  • Elena says:

    WOW. I just LOVE your idea about the widow seat with the shelves! I am about to move into a house and that is a GREAT idea for my new room! Thanks, ill have to use it!