5 Spectacular Before And After Living Room Design Ideas

The living room is usually the space where people spend most of the time when they’re at home. It’s why it’s easy to get bored or tired with the way your living room looks and you reach a point where a makeover sounds like a very good idea. There are lots of interesting before and after living room transformations and we’ve selected five that we think are most spectacular.

Simple Changes for a Big Impact.

In order for the transformation to be spectacular it doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatic. You don’t have to change the whole décor in order to change the atmosphere. Small changes can be quite impressive. Take this case for example.

All the room needed was a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture and it looks amazing. The living room went from outdated to wonderful and all it took was some de-cluttering and furniture switch.{found on witandwhistle}.

To A Bright Cottage Feel.

This living room also got a makeover and the transformation is spectacular. The rooms used to be dark and to have a strongly traditional look. After the makeover it became a very bright and refreshing space with a cottage-style décor. The changes in color and style were enough to make the room unrecognizable. It’s wonderful what you can make when you stick with the simple and classical elements.{found on site}.

Dark living room makeover.

The dark to bright transformation is very common. But having a dark living room is necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it can be a dramatic and stylish statement. This living room got a beautiful makeover but one thing didn’t change. It’s still a dark room but now instead of looking old and messy and it feels chic and dramatic. The walls were painted black and this way everything else stands out, including the furniture and the artwork.{found on kfddesigns}.

Living transformation.

When you first move into a home, the living room is nothing but an empty, outdated space with no personality or character. It then starts the transformation process when you turn it into a space of your own and you add all sorts of features that make the room feel inviting. In this case, a fireplace was added along with simple and chic furniture. The room quickly gained character and it’s now a very charming space.

Transitional Living, Dining, Kitchen Renovation.

This is a similar case. This living room was at first nothing but an empty space. It was actually a transitional space that also included the kitchen and dining room but, without furniture, it was difficult to imagine how it should look like. After the space was redecorated it looks like a completely new home. The bright colors open up the space and the room actually looks larger than when it was empty.{found on littlehousebigplans}.

Published by in Living Room, on February 18th, 2013


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