5 Simple Ways To Organize The Playroom

Toys and markers everywhere, apple juice spilled in the corner and blankets and pillows piled up right in from of their little TV. It’s quite easy for a playroom to go awry without proper organization straight from the start. So, why not learn how to contain the chaos? No more frustration or hours on end cleaning up after the little ones. Create fun and stylish ways to stay tidy in the playroom so all you have to do is make sure the kiddos know where everything goes. Let’s look at some great ways to keep the kids’ fun room in tact and organized!

1. Label everything.

If you can label it, then do it. It’ll be great for your children to practice their reading skills but it can also turn out to be a fun project for you to do together. Use photos, puff paint or just make little signs for all their different types of toys and supplies. Buy plastic containers and drawers to keep everything in order. The labels make for less time finding and more time playing.

2. Hang up all art.

Stop piling them in the corner or stacking them atop the bookcase. Instead, hang all the kids’ artwork up high. It acts as wall decor and keeps paper out of the way from crumbling, messing or getting thrown away.

3. Collect all the books.

Just like with the kids’ art, keep the books in order. Whether it’s a bookcase or a cozy little reading corner, make sure you’ve made a place for reading. Use crates or shelves to house all their favorite reads and maybe even add a pillow or too for comfort. Most important keep the books contained so they’re not lost in the shuffle.

4. Create art caddies.

Another way to contain a mess is to create art caddies for each of the kids. Each child can have their own little space to use their art supplies without spreading it out all over the room. It can be a bit different for each kid or create a “play station” with them, but make sure you organize, categorize and contain!

5. Throw out the toy box.

Throwing all the toys in one big bin just doesn’t work. More than half of the toys won’t ever get played with and it’s just throwing clutter into a new spot of the space. Make sure you section off the room and utilize the entire space. Each corner should be organized for a different activity.

It’s really quite simple. There are tons of other smaller projects to consider for organizing of course, and those will be shared in a later post. But, these quick tips can start off your organizing and brainstorming!

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on October 30th, 2012


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