5 Perfect Color Choices For Royal Rooms

Have you ever dreamed of being a princess? Or wondering what it’s like to live in Buckingham Palace? Well, although we can’t all be real royalty, we can certainly create our home to look like royalty lives there. Even if it’s just one room, it’ll be a fun and luxurious project for you to complete. And these looks are all about incorporating rich, deep hues. Now take a peek at our list of the best color choices for royal rooms. Grab some inspiration and start working on your own little noble nook.

1. Purely Purple.

We all know purple signifies royalty. And if you use it in the right way, it’s quite stylish too. Using a combination of different shades and some Victorian-inspired home accessories, you can easily create something that fits your queen-like vision. Just add a pinch of metallic somewhere in the scheme to really push the theme over the top.

2. Emerald Green.

A beautiful tone, this deep green is easy to love. Rich in look and trendy in style, emerald looks great on the walls and on the furniture. Use sporadically around your home office to amp of the fashion or dress your entire living room in the tone. It will envelope the space and create an ambiance unlike any other in the house.

3. Rose Gold.

Better than gold and much better than pink, the rose in this gold gives this metallic shade an extra oomph. It’s feminine and a bit sexy. But, it also gives off a wealthy, sophisticated flair. So, it’s perfect for using as the foundation of a royal room. Give our bedroom a major facelift or re-decorate a bathroom for your guests to enjoy.

4. Oxblood Burgundy.

It’s a bit masculine and incredibly trendy. Oxblood burgundy is fierce and dramatic. Mix it with some neutrals so it doesn’t overpower a smaller space but to take it over-the-top to king-worthy status, make sure to add some golden hues too. Choose to paint one accent wall, then use a couple of great pieces of furniture in this hue to create a rich, royal feel.

5. Navy Blue.

Serene because it’s blue, but royal because of its dramatics. Navy works great as the base outline for any space. So paint the walls or use a large area rug to get started. What’s great about navy is although it’s a darker shade, it’s a cool shade so it’s still comfortable. Add different colors and accessories to the mix to create your royal look. This is a great foundation to work from.

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Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on February 16th, 2013


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