5 DIY Projects with Paint Chips

Have you ever been itching to do some sort of creative arts project but, for whatever reason, didn’t? Maybe purchasing supplies wasn’t in the budget, or specific ideas were scarce, or time was limited, or color options were a challenge. If this has been you in the past, may I suggest using paint chips as an excellent resource for an artistic project? They’re free, they’re colorful (hello, every color under the sun!), they’re easy to pull out and put away as needed, and there are a bazillion ways to use them. Here are just five to get your creative juices flowing so you, too, can add personality and individuality into your space:

Here, a huge variety of colored paint chips were circle-punched and overlayed, like fish scales, on a red background. The effect is modern and abstract and impressive. Leaving a wide strip of unadorned red here helps to define the artwork and give the paint chips some visual “breathing room.” The graphic punch of color by this artwork overall is fantastic, particularly in this neutral-heavy space.{found on lansdownelife}.

If you don’t want to punch a bunch of paint chips into circles but you like the idea of using this resource to create your own modern art, consider this option. Randomly placed paint chips in a rainbow of colors works particularly well in this workspace with modern Panton chairs and simple contemporary lines everywhere else. The result is abstract, colorful, and inspiring – someone could sit and stare at this piece for a long time and be inspired and mentally stimulated without being distracted from his work.{found on site}.

If you’re looking for some large-scale artwork (or perhaps something to carry an entire wall), consider paint chips as your tool of choice. I love the modern bar-code vibe of this very colorful piece. The paint chip layout, in a very loose ombre gradient from lightest by the window to darkest toward the wall, is eclectic and absolutely eye-catching. Framed out by moulding that mirrors the architectural arch, the paint chips here look almost built-in.{found on sally}.

Paint chips don’t have to necessarily be used for artwork to hang on your walls. Consider using them for small, simple projects, like these place settings. (You could consider them for use on gift tags…or, really, any name tags.) A lovely benefit to using paint chips for such things is that you can find any color to go along with your scheme (think birthday parties), and the names of the paint colors are often entertaining. It’s a win-win, really.{found on pinterest}.

Paint chips can be constructed into 3-dimensional objects, like this corner nursery mobile. Once again, you can incorporate as many (or as few) colors as you’d like into your project for zero cost. (In contrast, purchasing paints in many colors can add up, plus it’s not exactly convenient to paint lots of small items different colors.) This particular mobile plays an important role in adding visual interest to a fairly bland corner, and it increases the color scheme overall. I think it’s cleverly done and aesthetic to boot.{found on jennifer}.

Published by in DIY Projects, on December 23rd, 2012


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