29 Cute And Comfy Furniture Designs For Modern Pets

A while ago we showed you 21 furniture ideas for indoor pets and now we’re back with even more cool designs. Your pet will definitely love an upgrade. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your pet comfortable. After all, you don’t buy furniture every day. So choose something that’s durable, good-looking as well as fun and comfortable for your pet and you’ll both be happy with the investment.

Cat scratcher/console.

Cats have certain instincts like climbing or scratching that they can’t ignore and they shouldn’t even try to because that’s what makes them special. It’s us who should try to accommodate them the best we can. This console table has a built-in scratcher and a shelf for cat toys or items you want to display.Available on 379$.

Food bowls for dogs.

Dogs are a little less gentle than cats so they need items that are more durable and resistant to scratches. These bowls are made of powder coated steel with rubber non-skid bottom. You can buy them in various colors including black, red, orange and white.Available for 98$.

Hemp bed.

Make sure your pet sleeps comfortably in a cozy bed. This one is made of natural color hemp with black print on one side and forest green on the other. It’s durable, fluffy, washable and it gets softer with every wash.Available for 120$.

Dog bed/ side table.

If you don’t have enough space for special dog furniture is your home, then a compromise is the perfect solution. With this piece you get a dog bed and a side table in one single item. It has a high gloss finish and it fits in most modern homes.Available on site.

Rocking chair.

Another thing I’ve noticed about cats is that they like to hide underneath chairs and tables. It’s why I find this rocking chair a perfect two-in-one piece. Both you can your cat will get to relax and sit comfortably, maybe even take a nap.{found on Paul Kweton}.

Dog house.

The main element here is actually the bed which lined with waterproof and bacteria-resistant fabric. The bed is in this case placed inside a dog house which provides a very cute accommodation for canines. The pillow covers can be replaced and washed so you don’t have to worry about stains.Designed by Seungji Mun.

Dog house sofa.

Does your dog love to sit on the sofa with you but you’d rather have him elsewhere? That’s not a problem because this sofa was designed with a special tiny space for your dog. You can all be comfortable, each sitting in your designated spot.Designed by Seungji mun.

Cat bookcase.

Cat owners that also have bookcases in their home know that these little fluffy pets love to climb on shelves and fall sleep there or simply sit and observe everything from up above. This bookcase was designed specifically with that in mind. It has carpeted inserts on the shelves.{found on site}.

Canopy lounge.

This cute and comfy lounge bed is a handmade item for cats cut also for smaller dogs. It’s made of wood, plywood, walnut and wool. It has a sleek and simple design, easy to include in most modern homes.Available for 247$.

Litter box cover.

This piece was designed to hide the cat’s litter box or to simply provide a hiding place for small pets. It’s great for small spaces and it has a modern and sleek design. Made from walnut hardwood, the cabinet has removable legs and circular openings so your pet can get in and out without trouble.Available for 429$.

Nightstand pet house.

Multipurpose furniture is the best choice for small homes but it can also be an option for those that wish to disguise their pet’s houses or hiding places inside regular furniture. This is a nightstand with a lovely cozy space inside where your cat or tiny dog can sleep.Available for 499$.

Pet hammock.

We all love to sit in hammocks and to relax but they’re usually too big to have inside the house. However, a small pet doesn’t need a large hammock so why not let your dog or cat enjoy it? This cute hammock is designed with a solid bamboo frame and a removable cushion.Available for 199$.

Feline litter box cover.

Cats are very cute and funny and all but their litter boxes don’t exactly fit anywhere in the house. It’s why we try to conceal them. This piece allows you to do that with style. It’s a modern and stylish cabinet with a circular opening on one side. Also, the cat can relax on top of it.{found on site}.

Daybed for small pets.

Featuring a mid-century modern design, this daybed is suitable for both cats and small dogs. It’s comfortable, soft and quite elegant and it can easily fit in most modern homes. It has memory foam cushions and solid hardwood frame with faux leather straps.Available for 155$.

Cat teepee.

In a casual and modern home, a teepee such as this one would fit perfectly. It’s cute, small and perfect for your furry friends to hide and sleep in. It’s made of cardboard and it’s wonderful for cats as well as other small animals.{found on site}.

Vintage pet lounge.

This boomerang-shaped lounge is very chic and very comfortable for small pets. It’s handcrafted out of birch wood, plywood, steel and fabric. It’s very cozy and cats and small dogs can stretch and relax on it or curl up for a nap.Available for 89$.

Dog bed cover.

Small pets are very lovely and cute but what about big pets like dogs? They can be very cute and loving too and they deserve a comfy bed. This bed cover was designed specifically for larger dogs and it handmade out of cotton fabric. It’s machine-washable and doesn’t have any zippers or buttons.Available for 59$.

Cat tree.

Cats love climbing on furniture so to avoid having them up on the bookcase or cabinets you can offer it a designated wall-mounted tree for it to enjoy and have fun with. This one has an elegant, simple and modern design and it looks like a bookshelf so it will integrate easily in the décor.Available for 109$.

Cat climbing wall.

For cat lovers that really want their pets to be happy and to have fun we have a more complex type of climbing structures. It takes up an entire wall so it’s not exactly the thing you need in a small home but it’s very fun for the cats, especially if you have more than one.{found on site}.

Faux leather pet bed.

This faux leather pet bed is a luxurious piece that combined high-quality materials with a timeless design that fits in any type of décor. It’s very comfortable for the pet with a high-quality latex filling and a permanently elastic pillow.Available for 880$.

Nightstand + feeder + toy.

This is a collection of three items designed specifically for cats. It includes a nightstand bed, a feeder and a toy made of wicker, ceramics and olive wood.They have an elegant design and they fit beautifully in both modern and retro-chic homes.{found on site}.

Dog bed cushion.

Dogs need beds and items that are more durable and can resist scratching and chewing. This dog bed cushion was designed specifically to respect those requirements. It’s a high-quality item made from reclaimed military grade canvas with tubular fill materials that ensures a fluffy pillow all the time.Available on site.

Circular dog bed.

This dog bed was designed to be comfortable for the pet but to also look beautiful and to easily integrate into your home’s décor. It has a soft pillow and a circular frame. The dimensions of the bed also allow you to use it for cats.Available for 300$.

Dog house/bed.

Designed to look like a traditional dog house, this piece of pet furniture also has a more modern look. It features a wood frame as well as a very soft and comfy bed with natural canvas and waterproof canvas. The cover is removable and machine washable.Available for 399$.

Acacia wood feeding bowl.

Feedings bowls are another element that doesn’t quite go with anything else in the house. But these ones are elegant and classy and you can even have them in the living room. They are made from acacia wood, they’re eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind.Available for 45$.

Asian-inspired bowls.

These bowls are also one-of-a-kind items. They have a design inspired by ancient Asian templates and they’re beautiful and functional at the same time. The bowls are also heavy so they’re slid-proof. You can find it in three different color options.Available for 50$.

Luxurious covers.

Available in three sizes, small, medium and large, these puffy and cozy covers are perfect for cats and dogs alike. Use them during winter or fall to make your pet’s bed cozier and warmer. You can also easily change the covers if you want the pet’s bed to match the décor of the room.Available for 150$.

Cat nest.

Sculptural yet simple, this piece would definitely look great in any modern home. It’s designed to offer cats a fun and modern place to sit and nap and to enjoy their private space. Several cats can use it at once thanks to its balanced and elastic design.{found on site}.

Scratching board.

Everyone knows that cats love to scratch things so invest in a scratching board before your rugs and carpets lose their beautiful look. This one is perfect because it has a simple design so it would fit nicely in your home and it’s also comfortable for the cats to sharpen their claws onto.Available on site.

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