30 Cozy Attic Home Office Design Ideas

The purpose of having a home office is that of being able to retreat into a quiet and peaceful space where you can work and put your thoughts in order without being interrupted or distracted. It’s why certain rooms or spaces of the house are more suited to be transformed into a home office. It’s the case of spaces such as the basement or the attic.

Contemporary attic home office with a single window and sloped ceiling

In the case of the attic there are several advantages that are difficult to ignore. For example, the attic is a cozy and inviting space by nature. The pitched roof that most houses have provides a casual and comfortable atmosphere, the windows provide nice views, given the fact that the attic is the highest level in the house and it’s also a space that is partially separated from the rest of the rooms. This gives it a certain independence and it allows you to have a space of your own.

Bright and airy attic home office with pitched ceiling and white furniture

Spacious attic home office for two featuring large windows and a sculptural ceiling

Minimalist attic home office with wooden floors and white walls

Traditional attic home office with built-in shelves around the window

Contemporary attic home office with a simple and chic décor

Modern and inviting attic home office featuring angled windows on the sloped ceiling

Industrial-inspired attic home office featuring large exposed beams

Very bright attic home office featuring a crisp white background and large windows

Small but chic and airy attic home office with white furniture and chic pendant lamps

Tiny attic home office featuring wood-paneled walls and ceiling and wooden flooring

Small and intimate attic home office with framed decorations on the sloped walls

Attic home office featuring rustic and industrial-style décor details

Contemporary attic home office with a clean and elegant interior

White attic home office featuring classical furniture with elegant detailing

Spacious attic turned into a home office/family room/playroom

Small but stylish attic home office with beautiful accent furniture

Cottage-style attic home office featuring industrial accent pieces

Traditional attic home office with a very well-organized interior

Cozy, inviting and intimate attic home office with wood-paneled walls and exposed beams

Very spacious attic home office with a modern interior and large windows on two sides

Tiny attic home office featuring exposed beams and a minimalist desk

Inviting yet dramatic attic home office featuring a large triangular window with panoramic views

Simple attic home office with a wall bookcase around the window

Alcove-attic office for a geek

Designer attic shared office with a ceiling window

Elegant attic home office featuring warm neutral colors and soft lighting

Small attic home office featuring a skylight and a beautiful wall decal

Cozy and modern cottage home office in the attic with tiny windows and sculptural walls

Attic office we love featuring exposed beams

When designing and decorating your attic home office, there are certain elements that need to be taken into consideration. For example, the windows should definitely be an important part of the design. Any office needs lots of light. Natural light is the best so make sure you place your desk near the windows. Since the attic is a relatively small space, consider using built-ins to save some space. The rest is up to you. Maybe these examples can give you some ideas and inspiration.

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Published by in Office Design Ideas, on January 22nd, 2013


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