3 Kitchen Gadgets That Makes Your Life Easier

Compact Herb Chopper by Joseph Joseph

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This Compact Herb Chopper by Joseph Joseph feature a double-bladed cutter in one useful for cutting garlic, vegetables, nuts or chocolate.Available for 26$.

Onion Goggles by RSVP

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Available in black, pink and red the Onion Goggles by RSVP provide tear-free chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing.The goggles come in a protective plastic case that will keep them safe when not in use and is available for 20$.

Olive Stuffer by RSVP

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The olive stuffer help you to create delicious custom cocktails by plunging flavor into pitted olives. This unique gadget cores the perfect size and shape of pimento, onion, garlic or semi-firm cheese and then delivers it into the pitted olive with a simple press of the button.Available for 20$

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Posted in Home Gadgets on November 25, 2010

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