25 DIY Ways Of Using Rope For A Vintage Look

Rope is such a simple and apparently rough item, yet it can help create some really interesting looks if used creatively. In this article we’re going to present you 25 ways in which you can use rope to create vintage elements for your home. They are all simple and yet to create and they all involve rope.

1. Rope wrapped bar stools

This project is so simple and it has spectacular outcomes. All you need for this is a bar stool that you don’t necessarily like, some rope and glue sticks. First you’ll need to remove the foot rests from the stool. Then cut the legs down and use black spray paint before wrapping them in rope (this is optional). You’ll need about 3 ½ rolls of 50 foot long sisal rope for each stool. Simply spread a little hot glue on the front and back of the legs and wrap the rope around.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

2. DIY Wrapped Bottles

This is another interesting and fun project that I’m definitely going to make. For this you’ll need assorted wool or varying width and material, adhesive glue, a paint brush, scissors and some assorted empty bottles. First choose the colors that you’re going to use. Then paint glue on the bottle and start wrapping the wool. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Keep all joint at the back and be creative.{found on penelopeandpip}.

3. DIY Rope Vases

This project is similar to the one before. These lovely textured rope vases sued to be sad empty cans. With some creativity and some simple materials you can turn them into beautiful pieces of artwork. You’ll need a bit of hot glue and various balls of jute and piping cord. Start at the bottom and wrap the rope around securing with the odd squirt of hot glue as you go. Have fun!{found on creativeinchicago}.

4. DIY Nautical Rope Vase

For these beautiful vintage centerpieces you’ll need glass or plastic vessels, natural sisal rope, wood stir stick or spatula, ceramic tile adhesive, drop cloth or cutting mat to protect the work surface, scissors and kitchen sponge. First clean and dry all vessels and prepare your workspace. Scoop up a generous amount of tile adhesive with the spatula and spread an even layer across the bottom and sides of the vessel. Begin by wrapping the rope into a coil shape to cover the bottom of your vessel and then continue to wrap the rope around the sides. To finish, cut the rope at an angle so that it will lay flat against the side of the vessel and you’re done.{found on ruffledblog}.

5. Rope wall

This project is a little more elaborate. The main idea is to use rope to create a nice wall decoration. The construction process is pretty simple. The wood boxes need to be custom built with evenly space rope sized holes drilled through the top and bottom. Then you need to cut sections of rope and tie them at the bottom. The knots will be hidden once you screw close the open side of the box. The rope wall will have a great impact and will make an awesome decoration for your home.{found on the-brick-house}.

6. Rustic Rope Shelves

This is a great example of how you can use rope to create functional items for your home while also adopting a vintage style. For this you’ll need rope, eye-hooks, straight brackets and a drill. First you need to stain the wood. Next secure the wood pieces together with wood glue and clamps. Drill holes into the boards where the rope will go through. Drill eye hooks into the walls and tie the rope through the eye hooks down to the predrilled holes in the boards and then secure the board to the wall with L brackets. It’s simple and practical.{found on thecsiproject}.

7. DIY rope wrapped lack table

Stools aren’t the only pieces than can be wrapped in rope. Table can be sued for that too. If you have an old table that needs a makeover you can try this project. It’s not very complicated and your table will look stunning after that. You’ll need 2 packages of 1/4″ x 100′ sisal rope, 3 packages of 3/8″ x 50′ sisal rope, E600 adhesive, and a hot glue gun with a jumbo pack of glue sticks. The process is similar to that described at no.1.{found on sparklepantsgirl}.

8. Rope pendant lamp

This is one of my favorite projects so far. It’s a very simple but very eye-catching and intriguing lamp made of rope. It’s a DIY project. The lamps are made by Atelier 688 of Toronto. Each light is 12-feet of 2-inch diameter rope. Custom models are also available. The great thing about this item is that it has a timeless look. It’s bold and simple at the same time.

9. Another rope pendant model

This is another version of the Manila Rope Lights made by Atelier 688. This one is a little more complicated. It’s also made of rope and comes in custom sizes. This resembles a rope sculpture. Dense and black and with twinkles of light appearing, it would make a nice addition to a modern home.

10. Staircase railing made of rope

Rope can be used for all sorts of things, even staircase railings. A thick rope draped on the wall should provide safety for the users while also being an eye-catching accessory. It can help create a very interesting chateau-like look and it’s also unusual and out of the ordinary.

11. Rope bed hangers

If you want to create a different look for the bedroom, a simple way of doing that is by using rope. You can hang the beds from the ceiling using heavy duty rope. It’s unusual and it’s also an interesting way of spicing up the décor.{found on caldwellflake}.

12. Vase decoration

A very simple way of adding texture to a room is by creating decorations such as this one. It’s a very simple and easy to make accessory and in this case it only involves a glass vase and a ball of rope. It’s not fancy and it’s not particularly unique but it’s stylish and chic. It’s a casual and simple decoration that can be adapted.{found on bellamason}.

13. DIY rope mirror

This is another interesting and simple project. It’s a beautiful iron and rope mirror. You’ll need a stainless steel framed mirror, rope, large eye hooks, a door knob, glue, 3 ½ inch nails, picture hanging wire, wax cord, a drill, a hammer and a screw driver. First attach the heavy duty picture wire to the back of the mirror and secure the hook to the wall.

Hang the mirror and measure a half an inch on either side where eye hooks will go. Pre-drill holes and screw the eye hooks into the wall. Next put a regular screw into the wall and fill the cavity of an antique doorknob with glue and place it over the screw in the wall. Add some finishing touches and hang the mirror on the wall.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

14. Rope Mirror

This is a similar project but the final result is slightly different. For this you’ll need ½ inch-thick natural fiber rope, an unframed round mirror, cement glue, painter’s tape. First measure and cut 2 segments of rope. Glue rope to the mirror and line up the ends for a neat look. Secure everything with painter’s tape until it’s dry. Then make a knotted hanger. Cut a 45-inch length of rope, and tie a knot on both ends then glue the ends to the sides of the mirror.{found on martha}.

15. Another rope mirror design

We decided to insist on the mirror design simply because it’s so simple and so interesting and versatile. This is another rope mirror model. For this one you’ll need cardboard, sisal rope, glue gun, twine, scissors, a circular mirror and duct tape. First make a cardboard O-shaped frame that covers the outer 2″ of your mirror. Use the sisal rope and cut one piece that spans the diameter of the frame. Tape the ends of the rope to prevent fraying.

Then use a glue gun to attach the rope to the frame. Use a second piece of rope to make a loop at the top of the mirror. Cut a third piece of rope to lay on top of the rope base. Add glue to the edge of the glass mirror and place the rope frame on top of it.{found on thenateshow}.

16. Rope bookends

This is another functional project that at the end will provide decorations for your home. Use masking tape to secure the rope to the side of the cube. Start wrapping until the front and back are fully covered. Then wrap in opposite directions to cover the sides. Wrap the remaining sides by threading through the open loops. Trim the ends and secure the cube with permanent craft glue.{found on martha}.

17. Rope lamp

If you have a lamp that looks oddly simple maybe it’s time to give it a makeover. You can do that with nothing but rope. First purchase a 100-foot length of 3-ply rope made of manila, jute or sisal. Start at the bottom of the lamp base and apply glue in 6-inch sections using a brush. Next press the rope to the glue and wrap it around the base. Press each layer against the one below it and trim the end on an angle and tuck it beneath the previous coil.

18. Rope-Wrapped Cachepot

Simple and stylish, this project requires 100 feet of 1/4-inch-thick rope, a 10-inch terra cotta pot, a hot glue gun and hot-glue stocks and a hot-glue mat. First squeeze quarter-size drop of hot glue onto hot-glue mat. Next line up the three raw ends of the rope pieces side by side, and carefully press into the hot glue. Then begin wrapping the pot with the rest of the rope starting under the lip of the pot.{found on martha}.

19. Rope stool cover

This interesting rope stool cover can be done in an hour. It’s easy and it has a great impact after that. First measure the stool top and mark the center. Use liquid nails glue and wind the rope until it’s covered. You can use any kind of rope. You can also paint the legs of the stool a bright color for a more cheerful look.{found on hoorayblog}.

20. Woven rope pendant lamp

This lamp design is not as fancy as the one from Atelier 688. It’s a DIY project and it’s not as complicated as you might think. This pendant lamp is made from a wire hanging planter and some sisal rope. All you have to do is wrap the planter in rope. You can choose different patterns and models.{found on designsponge}.

21. Sisal Rope Bowl

Add a vintage touch to your kitchen or any other room with a beautiful sisal rope bowl that can be used for storage. First you need to grab a vessel and a dozen of glue sticks, a hot glue gun and 50 to 75 feet of sisal rope. Start with the handles and wrap the rope around them. Then start the outside of the bowl and secure every second wrap around with glue. Glue the rope all the way around. To finish, wrap the rope around the interior.{found on centsationalgirl}.

22. Rope headboard

Your bed is guaranteed to look more chic and cozy with a rope headboard. You can do that by yourself. For the headboard you can use an old door. Cut it down to the size needed. Choose the type of rope you want to use and start wrapping. Use hot glue to keep it in place. It seems complicated but it’s quite simple and it doesn’t take much time to complete it.{found on ourfifthhouse }.

23. Rope and glue vase

Rope vases are great decorations. They are easy to make and they’re also fun projects. All you need are some leftover glass vases, a heap of 1/4″ or 1/2″ jute rope, a hot glue gun or other good, clear, heavy glue. You can also paint the rope and you don’t even have to wrap the whole vase with it. Use your imagination and you’ll be fine.{found on curbly}.

24. Waste Wood Blocks and Rope bookshelves

You can build these shelves with just some cotton rope and a pile of wood blocks. Simply stack the wood blocks and secure them with a traditional fishing knot. It’s a very simple and eco-friendly design, creative and ingenious. The result will be a functional creation that will provide practical storage space.{found on inhabitat}.

25. Sisal Rope Shelves

At the end of our article, we’re going to show you how to create hanging sisal rope shelves with a step by step guide. Here are the materials you’ll need: 4 poplar boards, 24 feet of ¾ sisal rope, 12 wood dowel pieces, 2 inches each, 5/8th inch in diameter 1 quart of paint, primer, paint brush, scissors, and a drill with 7/8 inch space bit. First measure a half inch in from each end of the board and mark four spots for the holes. Drill the holes and paint the boards with a primer coat. After it’s dry add two coats with the color of your choice. Next cut the rope into two pieces, 12 feet each. Leave 4 feet of rope at the top, and then thread it back through the bottom left corner of each board. Make knots and hang the shelves on the wall.{found on thenateshow}.

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