25 Classical Fireplace Designs From British Homes

As soon as the weather starts to become cold and less friendly we find refuge in our homes. They’re our sanctuaries and we try to make them as cozy, warm and inviting as possible. For some regions, a home doesn’t feel complete without a fireplace. It’s the element that brings everything together and that is more than just an architectural decoration. Fireplaces were originally used to heat large buildings and, even though they’re no longer a main heat source these days, they’ve remained an important part of the décor in most British homes.

Large fireplaces with open fires are very common in British homes. They were designed to quickly heat the room. Even though very appreciated for their design, large fireplaces have gradually become smaller over the centuries. They did, however, preserved their noble appearance and simple, elegant designs.

Stone fireplaces are also a very appreciated type. They are also often timed with metal and they usually have luxurious designs. Another very common characteristic often seen in British fireplace is the black and white combination. This strong contrast gives the fireplace an elegant and timeless appearance. They can be combined with white décor as well as with colorful walls. But even more common than black and white fireplaces in England are the black fireplaces placed against light-colored walls. Then there’s also another types of fireplaces but one that is quite rare in this region: high fireplace walls.

As for the décor around the fireplace, this is usually simple and elegant. Very often the walls around the fireplace are decorated with mirrors and paintings. But no fireplace comes without a mantel. These are usually decorated with candles or photos. It’s also very common to have a mirror or a painting displayed over the fireplace, above the mantel. But often it’s the design itself that allows the fireplace to stand out. The trimmings and all the moldings and decorative details are elements that make a fireplace unique. It’s why it’s important for everything else to match the style of the fireplace.

Published by in Interiors, on November 23rd, 2012


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