23 More Inspiring DIY Wall Art Ideas

A home often feels empty without wall art. It’s a detail that lets us express ourselves in the form of art and it has many faces. For example, DIY wall art is quite popular but different styles suit different rooms and types of decors.

If you want to create something original you can use postcards that you have gathered over the years to create an interesting display for the wall. Just make a frame and stick the postcards to it with tape or glue. Try to mix the colors for a more interesting effect.{found on howaboutorange}.

You can also create a very interesting and modern wall art project using colored paper. You need several pieces of paper, all square-shaped. They need to have different colors. Fold the paper as shown in the photos and arrange the pieces in a grid. You can use different shades and organize them as you want.{found on howaboutorange}.

You can also paint your wall art. You don’t have to be extra talented in order to create something modern and simple. For example, everyone can make a pinwheel painting. You just need paper and lots of colors. You can also seal it after it’s finished.{found on eliseblaha}.

A modern example of wall art doesn’t necessarily involve painting or crafting something. It can be something as simple as writing a message on a large board and displaying it on the wall. Don’t worry about the calligraphy. A sloppy look is often appreciated as it makes the piece more original.{found on alisaburke}.

Another interesting DIY project could be crating patterned wall squares. You need decorative paper, foam board, adhesive, and acrylic paint. You can make the squares any size you want and you can also arrange them any way you want. You can also use different types of decorative paper if you like.{found on decor8blog}.

Modern art is usually abstract and simple. For example, you can just take a canvas and two or three paints of different colors and start painting. You don’t need brushes, just your finger. Just paint circles of different sizes on the canvas until you’re happy with the design.{found on thesweetsurvival}.

The design you choose for your wall art doesn’t necessarily have to signify something. It can just be a creative burst of energy that you create on a weekend. You can take a canvas and a ruler and make random lines. Then take two or three colors of paint and start filling the gaps.{found on thenewdomestic}.

Instagram walls have become a popular trend lately. They’re very easy to make. Just pick a wall or a portion of a wall, either in your home office, bedroom or somewhere else, select a bunch of photos and start attaching them to the wall. The photos should share the same shape and dimensions.{found on abeautifulmess}.

If you have the time and patience, you can also create more complex projects. For example, using a blank canvas, a roll of black tape, a roll of white tape, a roll of plaid tape, a triangle ruler and a pair of scissors, you can something similar to what you see in the photo.{found on theglamourai}.

Abstract wall art is always original and intriguing. So find some nails, a hammer, a tape measure, some binder clips and print out some photos. With these things you can turn a white wall into a beautiful gallery and it’s very simple and doesn’t take a lot of time.{found on twinkleandtwine}.

Another simple project is to make patchwork wall art with geometric patterns. You can use colored paper, origami paper or decorative paper and you can combine the colors and patterns as you want. You can use this idea for any room of the house and you can adapt it accordingly.{found on theredthreadblog}.

A similar idea would be to use paint chips. You will also need a frame to make everything look beautiful. Start by cutting out the shapes and arranging them until you find the right combination. Then transfer them to a sheet of paper and frame it at the end.{found on howaboutorange}.

Any good painting is at first just a blank canvas. To make it striking but still simple, you can use a giant paintbrush. First take the canvas and place it upside down. Then dip the brush in water and then in black acrylic paint and start making broad brush strokes.{found on dans-le-townhous}.

If you’re creative, you can turn even the simplest of things into something beautiful. For example, using a few shoebox lids and some decorative paper you can make some lovely decorations for your wall. It’s simple and it’s a project that you can in a weekend with just the supplies you have in the house.{found on cremedelacraft}.

Another simple project that doesn’t require any particular talent or skills can be made using paint, a canvas and a paint brush. You should aim at creating different shades of the same color and the result should be an ombre painting. Start with the color and then gradually mix it with white.{found on twodelighted}.

You can decorate a statement wall in lots of different ways. For example, you can create a stencil and use it to trace the design on the wall with a white paint pen or with a different color if the wall is white or pastel. It’s fun and it’s simple too.{found on abeautifulmess}.

If you don’t particularly like paintings, you can try something different. Maybe a wood sign would be a better idea. This one has the work “love” written on it and the “o” is actually a heart made of fabric flowers that were glued to the sign. It’s chic and has a certain vintage flair to it.{found on shanty-2-chic}.

Chalkboards are another fun and creative solution for modern homes. But the fact that chalkboard paint isn’t usually colored can be a turn off for some people. But why be sad when you can make your own chalkboard paint in any color you want?{found on abeautifulmess}.

If you want to make a cute decoration either for your bedroom or maybe for the nursery, you can use colored paper to cut out heart shapes and then you can sew them to make strands and to hang them above the bed or anywhere else on the wall or under a shelf.{found on honeybeevintage}.

if you have some signs, posters or paintings that you like you can use them to decorate your walls in an original way. Use hangers to attach them to the wall. You can hang them anywhere you want and you can change their place and reorganize them whenever you want.

A fish scale pattern is also something you can use for your wall art. You will need a board and lots and lots of circles that have to be attached to it. You can use the stapler or you can use glue. You can them hang the piece on the wall in your 0bedroom or even in the living room or dining room.{found on twothirtyfivedesigns}.

String art is also a fun solution. You need a board and lots of small nails. The idea is to create a pattern using a stencil or a pen. Then use colored string to highlight the pattern you have chosen. It can be a monogram, a work, a message or anything else.{found on honeyandfitz}.

Even the weirdest ideas can turn out to be great. For example, who knew that potatoes could be used to create art? Using 5 potatoes, acrylic paints, paper cups and brushes you can create something beautiful to display on your walls. It’s simple, cheap and fun.{found on ohhappyday}.

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