23 Creative ways of using buckets in interior and exterior décor

In interior décor it’s all about being creative. A beautiful décor is not based on strict rules and on following certain lines bur on being able to think out of the box and to use objects in new and unusual ways. For example, something as simple as a bucket can be used in numerous ways and it’s up to you to choose the option that you like best or to even come up with one of your own.

Outdoor Metal Drink Bucket.

A metal bucket can be useful in many different ways. One example would be to fill the bucket with ice and to use it to keep your drinks cool. It’s a great idea for when you’re planning an outdoor party, barbeque or dinner. It’s simple and it’s also practical.Available for 31$.

Copper Bucket.

If you have a fireplace that works with wood then you’ll need something to store all that wood in. A simple and interesting idea would be to use a large bucket. This one is made of copper and has a vintage look with lots of character. Place it close to the fireplace and fill it with firewood, paper and anything else you need.Available on site.

Bucket Planter.

A small bucket can be a wonderful planter. To add a little color and to make the arrangement more eye-catching, you can try creating some lovely butterflies to go with your planter. You can cut them from scrap metal and then prime and paint them. Attach them to a wooden board that you have previously painted as well and mount the bucket planter there as well.{found on rusticrediscovered}.

Another planter.

Here’s another example of a bucket turned into a planter. The worn look and the finish make the bucket look more authentic. You can put the planters out in the garden when they can be surrounded by vegetation or you can put them on a table.


Here are two buckets, also featuring a worn and vintage look, that have been turned into planters as well. They are filled with beautiful lilies and they each stand on a bright yellow chair. The arrangement is really nice. The buckets and the chairs have a rather rough look but the delicate lilies seem even more beautiful this way.

Floral arrangements.

You can use tiny buckets to create some very interesting decorations and floral arrangements for events such as wedding or outdoor parties. These ones, for example, were painted green and were filled with fresh green plants. They have green ribbon attached to them and they each represent decorations for the chairs.

Colorful Buckets.

Buckets are extremely versatile and they come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. You can use them for a variety of purposes and occasions. These, for example, are Easter buckets. They were each personalized with a name on them and they each have a different color.{found on thehappyscraps}.

Christmas Buckets.

It might not be the kind of romantic you had in mind but this is a wonderful decoration. It’s a zinc bucket that’s been filled with pine cones and Christmas tree branches and with candles on top. It looks quite romantic and it’s also a simple and beautiful idea for a Christmas decoration.Available for 40$.

Storage Organization.

We all know that kids have a hard time being organized. But it would really help if you were to provide them with the perfect start. For example, you could take a few simple metal buckets and paint a sort of label on them with chalkboard paint. Then write what needs to be stored in each bucket and your kid will know what to put where.

Entryway storage.

Buckets are great for storage. You can store almost anything in them, from wood to toys and food. This is a bucket where flip flops are stored. It’s a nice space-saving idea, great for summer. The chevron pattern makes the bucket look attractive and it’s quite appropriate.Available for 59$.

Craft room storage.

Tiny buckets can be used as storage containers for the desk supplies. Make sure your kid always has a clean desk and put up these lovely buckets. You need some paint if you want to give a new look and some hooks to mount on the wall. It can also be a great idea for your home office.{found on shanty-2-chic}.

Chalkboard Label Metal Bucket.

Buckets can be great planters but they can also be sued as vases for large bouquets of flowers. If you want to decorate your balcony or garden, then it could be useful to label your buckets. All you need is some chalkboard paint and a paintbrush. You can number the buckets or you can write the name of the plants you keep in each one.Available on etsy.

Another one.

A small bucket can also be a nice idea for a table arrangement. If you fill the bucket with soil and fresh plants or flowers, you can use them as table decorations for special events. To make it easier to organize them you can label them with chalkboard paint.

Office storage.

As we’ve already mentioned, small buckets are perfect for storing office supplies. Also, they are just as perfect for storing all sorts of other things, such as kitchen utensils, tools, arts and crafts supplies, etc. If you want, you can use this system for your garage or for your workshop.


Here’s another very ingenious and interesting idea: you could use a bucket to make a table lamp. The bucket can be the base of the lamp and you can make a lampshade using a frame and some fabric. You just need the actual mechanism and the lamp is done.{found on site}.

Towels bucket.

You can put your drawings skills to work and you could try to give the bucket a makeover. You can paint it to match a certain theme. For example, this is a bucket that is used as a towel storage container and it looks perfect for a beach house bathroom. It complements the tropical bathroom décor wonderfully.{found on site}.

Sink bucket.

If you prefer a rustic and more unconventional décor for your home, then a bucket used as a sink would be a lovely idea. It would look nice in the powder room and, to maintain the rustic appearance, you can also use a wooden log for support.{found on site}.

Shared bathroom.

A bucket sink is not great just for rustic homes. They can also be a wonderful addition to a modern home as well. You can use a bucket as a vessel sink or as a sunken sink and you can create interesting contrasts of style, color, texture and material.{found on site}.

Kids storage.

Here’s another great example that shows us how buckets can be used in the kids’ bedroom or playroom. They are great for storage and they can be nicely arranged on a shelf. The kids can store their toys in there and they can organize them how they want. You can either paint the bucket a bold color or opt for a simpler look.{found on fromhousetocozyhome}.

Laundry basket.

A bucket can also be very useful in the laundry room. You can use it as a storage container for all sorts of things. For example, you can store your clothespins in the bucket or your detergents and other supplies. It’s simple and it’s practical.{found on site}.


Buckets can be used as planters in numerous different ways. Here, for example, a series of buckets featuring the same design and size were used to create beautiful landscaping for the terrace. The plants provide privacy and they’re all beautifully organized. It’s the perfect transition from interior to exterior.{found on site}.

Storage bins.

You don’t need to be extra fancy in order to have lots of pairs of shoes. Every person has at least a few pairs for each season. It’s why it gets messy when you don’t have enough space to store them. A simple and great idea would be to use buckets. You can label them and use a bucket for a different type of shoes.

Last planter.

Buckets are perfect planters and their size may vary according to your needs and preferences. A metal bucket with a worn look has more character and usually looks nice in a garden. You can plant seasonal flowers and display the planter near the entrance or in the garden where they can be admired.

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