30 Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas

Fireplaces are very beautiful regardless of the type of home or décor you have. They are very cozy and their designs can vary according to the style you prefer. Still, it’s not that simple to integrate a fireplace into your home. You need to make it seem like a part of the picture and for that some decorative skills are necessary. Here are some ideas that you can use. You’ll find traditional, modern and even country decorative ideas and they are all interesting and adaptable.

It’s common for paintings or framed photos to be displayed on the mantel
Another option is to display hobby items or collectibles

The fireplace mantel offers us the perfect opportunity to personalize our decors. Since the fireplace itself is a big attraction wherever it’s placed, the mantel can be a centerpiece, a place for you to display personal items and objects that make you and your guests feel comfortable, things that make the space feel like home.

A mirror with an interesting frame could look interesting above the fireplace
Or perhaps you’d prefer something less eye-catching but classy
Traditional homes have their own way of decorating the mantel

The décor possibilities are numerous. From flower vases to framed photos, paintings, sculptures, seasonal fruit, themed decorations and personal collections or items brought for vacations and travels, everything has the potential to look amazing on the mantel.

Flowers and other types of ornaments are usual choices for such decors
In a more modern setting, something simpler and more abstract would look beautiful
The space above the mantel is great for displaying framed family photos
An elegant and simple option includes candles complemented by a small vase

Since the fireplace is such an eye-catching element in any home, whatever you choose to place on the fireplace mantel or on the wall in crucial and can change the whole décor. Of course, you would have to adapt these ideas presented here to the dimensions of your own mantel and the type of fireplace you have. Also, you need to make sure that the size of the decorations you use for display is appropriate for the dimensions of the fireplace as to create a nice visual balance.

Mirrors make a space look larger and this is a suitable place to display one
Add a few metallic touches to the décor through accent details such as this mirror frame
Turn the mantel into a bookshelf. Add a few ornaments as well
A collection of vases or bottles could become a focal point for the fireplace area
Display a bright, bold painting on the mantel just to draw attention

If you prefer a traditional look, candles would be nice choice. It’s sort of a clichee already but so is the traditional décor. Some candles, usually two, in silver or crystal candlesticks would look beautiful on the fireplace mantel. Place them on the ends of the mantle, maybe with a photo between them. Also, you could choose different-sized candles. Another traditional decoration can be obtain using flowers. Use some fresh flowers in a tall vase, either alone or near the candles and you get a romantic look.

Create your own collection of ornaments and personalize it
As long as it’s framed beautifully, anything can become a great decoration for the mantel
Group together items that share something in common. For example, color
Or create a themed décor for the mantel. Try something nature-inspired
Turn the fireplace wall into a gallery and mix and match different shapes and sizes
Keep the mantel decorations simple and match them to the fireplace
Mix together different types of decorations such as candles, paintings and planters
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The way the mantel extends to link with the middle shelf creates continuity in the design
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Traditional mantels are often ornate and always elegant and imposing
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The design of the mantel coordinates well with the mixture of frames displayed on it
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Sometimes the smaller and more subtle a mantel is, the more it stands out
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It’s possible for the mantel to stand out more than the fireplace – a quirky twist
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A mantel can naturally blend in by doubling as a long shelf or part of a larger unit
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If the mantel matches the fireplace and the wall, it becomes almost invisible
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This mantel wraps around the fireplace wall, becoming an interesting feature for the room
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Use the mantel to display collections or mix and match art pieces for an eclectic look

If you prefer something more modern then it would be best to keep it simple. Minimalist decors are usually the way to go. You could use for example a simple sculpture in the center or a piece of art. You can also leave the mantel as such if the fireplace is colorful and bold.For country casual decors you could use things like a small box or jar, maybe a plant or a framed embroidery piece. The result will be a cozy look.