17 Nursery room themes. Chic ideas for stylish decors

Decorating a nursery is not all fun. It’s also hard work. It’s not easy to design a nursery that is both fun for the child and beautiful and consistent with the rest of the house. It all starts when you choose the theme for the décor. Everything else you choose after that has to go with the theme. And since it’s not an easy decision, we’ve selected a few popular nursery themes for you to analyze and then to choose the one that better suits your home.

Nautical-themed nurseries.

Traditional baby boy’s nursery with a compass on the ceiling

Bright nursery with a blue, white and orange interior décor

Chic boy’s nursery room with dark blue curtains and paddles on the wall

A modern white, blue and red nursery with a minimalist, clean décor

This is a very popular nursery theme, especially for boys. It gives you lots of room for creativity. You can choose to have ships painted on the walls or displayed on shelves, blue walls, anchors, compasses and many other elements that you can relate to this theme. The color palette is also very important in this case. In should include dark blue in contrast with white but it can also include other accent shades.

Luxury nurseries.

A very elegant and glamorous nursery with a metallic dresser and a neutral color palette

It’s something natural to want your baby to have only the best. So if you want the nursery to be a luxury room with glamorous finishes and sophisticated details, keep in mind that the décor should not be overwhelming. Try to achieve your goal while maintaining a simple, calm and pleasant atmosphere. A few accent pieces should be enough and the color palette should be restrained to simple, neutral colors.

City-themed nurseries.

Boy’s nursery room with a cityscape on the walls and skyline bedding

The nursery is, at first, your baby’s entire world. It’s almost like a mini-city. You can use this idea to create an urban décor for the room. Have skyscraper decals or simply paint them on the walls, maybe even personalize the buildings a little, have some cars on the streets, a rug with an urban image, maybe a car-shaped crib, etc. Make sure the colors match and that everything comes together nicely.

Moon-themed nurseries.

Cheerful nursery with friendly faces and beautiful pastel colors

The moon is a great source of inspiration. It has inspired poets, writers and painters and it can also inspire you. Create a relaxing, calm and serene nursery décor with friendly shapes and images. Paint stars on the walls, a moon on the ceiling and let your imagination guide you. You could also use some other friendly faces, maybe some animals to spice up the décor.

African-themed nurseries.

Bright nursery with soft pastel accent colors and friendly stuffed animals

Contemporary nursery with cheerful animals and trees painted on the walls

Chic nursery with soft and diverse textures and plenty of accent colors

Brightly-colored nursery with bold accent details and a simple décor

Cozy, inviting and elegant twin’s nursery with a simple color palette

If you want something a little more exotic for your nursery, you can have a safari-themed décor. This gives you an opportunity to introduce your baby to some of the most beautiful animals, to use bright, natural colors and to make it feel cozy and bold at the same time. The color palette should include natural tones and the decorations can represent animals. You can also paint the walls and have a cheerful rug.

Farm-themed nurseries.

Stylish nursery with fluffy sheep decorations and a beautiful wall decal

Colorful nursery with calming murals and friendly farm animal decorations

Another very fun theme to work with is the farm. In the case of the nursery, it’s a theme that gives you the opportunity to use lots of friendly shapes, dynamic colors and lots of elements that would make the room feel cozy and inviting. You can paint the walls and turn the room into a refreshing oasis. You can also keep it simple and maintain a neutral décor with a few themed elements

Ocean-themes nurseries.

Brightly-colored nursery with striped walls and simple accent pieces

A very calm and serene nursery with a beautiful mural and beautiful pastel colors

Contemporary nursery with a black and white sailboat print and rope curtain ties

This is the starting point for the nautical-themed decors. The vast, immense ocean is another great source of inspiration. As in the case of all the other rooms, the nursery can also benefit from a calm, relaxing but also dynamic ocean-themed décor. There are lots of ideas to use as inspiration. You can have a beautiful mural on the wall, ships on the shelves, fish figures on the rug and anything else that reminds you of the ocean. Keep in mind that the main color should be blue.

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Published by in Kids, on October 30th, 2012


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