16 Cozy and stylish alcove beds that add character to the home

The bed is one of those items that you can’t live without, regardless what type of home you have. But this must-have comes in many forms and styles, just like any other piece of furniture. There are lots of different types of beds, some of them very popular and some interesting but rarer.Alcove beds, for example, are a very beautiful and also quite popular type. This is surprising especially since alcove beds can’t be bought. They have to be built and custom-made.

Modern kids’ room featuring an alcove bed near the window

It’s probably this detail that makes them so special and highly ranked. Alcove beds also have a series of other characteristics that make them unique and very appealing. For example, they are extremely cozy. That’s because they feel extra safe, like a private corner.Let’s take a look at some designs to see what else makes them so charming.

Traditional kids’ bedroom featuring an alcove bed under an arched wall and window

Contemporary kids’ room with alcove bed featuring built-in storage and a ladder

Contemporary home featuring an alcove bed under the staircase and built-in storage

Rustic alcove bed with storage compartments underneath and a delicate canopy

Minimalist contemporary home featuring an alcove bed inside a box-like structure

Eclectic home office featuring an alcove bed hidden behind a curtain

Contemporary kids’ room with vibrant colors and an alcove bed with curtains

Eclectic bedroom featuring an oversized mirror and an alcove bed

Traditional kids’ bedroom with a cozy alcove bed featuring built-in storage

Mediterranean bedroom with a minimalist contemporary design and an impressive alcove bed

Modern alcove bed with built-in storage surrounding it

Minimalist alcove bed/reading niche featuring a wall-mounted lamp

Minimalist alcove bed with under-bed storage and a TV mounted on the wall

Modern and stylish built-in alcove bed/reading niche with window

Wood-paneled alcove bed with built-in storage and wall-mounted lamp

They also add a nice and distinguished touch to the home. They have character and the fact that they are always custom made gives them uniqueness and allows you to choose the perfect place and design for them that allow them to perfectly integrate into the décor. Alcove beds can also be a great way to save space. They can be placed near the window and the lower portion can serve as a storage space.

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Published by in Interiors, on January 9th, 2013


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