15 Racing Car Beds For Children Room

There’s something about kids and cars that I can’t fully understand but that’s nevertheless true. Kids seem tom love racing cars although they don’t really understand much about them. All they know is that they go fast and that they’re colorful. It’s why they love racing car beds so much. They enjoy being able to play the role of the driver and to imagine all sorts of scenarios.

Most racing car beds manage to combine a fun design with a safe structure

Racing car beds are usually small and designed just for children. They feature bold and vibrant colors that make them stand out and make the children like them even more. Red and blue are very common colors for such pieces. They also usually have numbers on them and those checkerboard patterns on the sides. Building a racing car bed is actually a very interesting concept. It’s a two-in-one piece.

A teenage kids room featuring a real racing car

It’s not a bad idea to also decorate the rest of the room in the same theme

Here the spoiler can be used as a shelf so it’s both functional and decorative

Race car beds don’t usually take more space than a normal bed

Other fun designs are also available such as the Thomas bed

A fire fighter truck bed will make your kid feel like a hero

The same concept with a different design, just as friendly

If you have the space, I’m sure your kid would love a bed that looks like a truck

A very creative bunk bed design shaped like a bus

A very practical and fun design for shared bedrooms

Girls could like race cars as well but the colors are obviously different

The pink color and the cute flowers give this bed a girly look

It’s not necessarily the design that’s important here as the color makes the car

A bed suitable for a princess with a very chic and pretty design

The beds are interesting because they fulfill several functions at the same time. They manage to combine something that children love (racing cars) with something functional and very useful (the bed). This way you can be sure that your kid will love this piece of furniture. It’s a wonderful idea for transition beds for when the kids give up the crib and get to sleep in a regular bed. It’s less scary when you love it and when you can also have fun playing with it.

Published by in Kids, on April 30th, 2013


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