15 Bedroom Interior Design Ideas For Two-Kids

When you have not one but two kids it’s nice because they have each other and they always have someone to play with. But when it comes to choosing furniture and everything else for their room it’s not that pleasant. Sharing a room is never easy for anyone. So your kids will probably like their own spaces. It’s why bunk beds are so appreciated. They save space and basically allow you to use the free space for something else and they provide privacy for each kid.

However, bunk beds are not the only option. If space is not a very big concern, then two separate beds could work as well. You can put one on each end of the room if your kids like privacy while they’re sleeping or you can put them next to each other so that your kids can chat before they go to sleep. They don’t necessarily have to be placed parallel to each other. You can also make an L-shape design.

There is also another option. You can have two beds on top of each other and the lower one can be rolled underneath the other one when not used. It’s another way of saving space and of allowing your kids to sleep next to each other. It’s a nice alternative, somewhere in between the other two options.

In the kids’ room, storage is always a problem. But you can try to solve it by being ingenious. For example, the space underneath the beds can be used as storage. You can use boxes to store the toys or other knick-knacks in there and they will basically become invisible when not used. Shelves are also great for kids’ rooms. They take no floor space and they are great for displaying photos, toys and anything your kids want. If you have bunk beds, then one portion of their design can incorporate drawers.

Your kids will also need a desk. They will probably want their own desk so you will have to get creative on that part as well. An L-shaped desk is a nice solution but so is a desk with two chairs, one of each side. You can also have a longer desk and split in two parts using tape or installing a separator. As for the colors, it all depends on your children’s preferences. So don’t forget to get them involved in the process and remember that their opinion matters as well.

Published by in Kids, on January 20th, 2013


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