15 Backsplash shelves – both practical and good-looking

In the kitchen, one of the ways in which you can add color, texture and style to the décor is by using eye-catching backsplashes. But the backsplash is more than just a décor element in the kitchen. It’s a great way to protect the area between the cabinets and the countertops and it can also feature many types of designs. One great option would be to have shelves on the backsplash.

The area directly above the stove should remain unused for safety reasons

By including shelves in that area, you get to take full advantage of that particular space that usually remains unused. Backsplash shelves are very practical. You can use them to store the dishes after you’ve washed them or they can simply be a display space for certain items that you like to use as elements n a décor.

You could place the shelves symmetrically on either side of the stove

Backsplash shelves are great for storing clean dishes

You can light the shelves from above and use them for display

Long shelves are great for storing spice jars, cups, glasses, etc.

A backsplash shelf can also be used as a display area for decorations

According to the space available, you could have one of several shelves

Try to alternate what needs to be simply stored with what needs to be displayed

The shelves could match the furniture for a cohesive and continuous décor

On the upper shelves you should store items you rarely use

The color of the shelves and that of the backsplash could contrast for a more eye-catching look

The shelves could also be part built-in features designed to match the furniture

According to the layout and design of your kitchen, the shelves could have different sizes

To take full advantage of the space you can have multiple shelves one on top of the other

For a more eye-catching look you can add light to the backsplash shelves

Backsplash shelves are not suitable just for small kitchens. It’s true they are wonderful space-saving storage solutions but they are also be sued for display. Either way, they are both functional and beautiful. It’s best not to put up shelves directly above the stove in order to avoid accidents related to fire. The space above the sink would be a great place for a shelf or two. Depending on the space you have available and on the design of your kitchen, the shelves can be arranged in numerous ways and can have different dimensions.

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Published by in Kitchen, on March 28th, 2013


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