137 Creative Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Mason Jars

Although Mason Jars were made for depositing things like comfiture, jam, sauces and all sorts of other goodies you want to preserve for the winter, they’re extremely versatile and can be used for many other purposes. You can use them in all sorts of situations. We have prepared a whole list of examples and they’re quite original, fun and practical.

Lemonade in a jar.

A fun idea can be to personalize each jar by tying a colored bow around each one. This way each person will have their own color.

If you can find jars with the right type of lid, you can serve cold beverages in them and have a straw sticking out.

Garnish the jars with a lemon slice and they’ll look like cocktail glasses but larger and more casual, perfect for outdoor parties.

One of the best things about serving lemonade in a jar is that you can deposit it in ice without worrying it will spill.

For outdoor parties you can also put up a large dispenser from which everyone can serve their own cold lemonade.

Mason jars are great for summer parties. Fill them all up and put them on a serving table so everyone can choose theirs.

For parties it can also be useful to paint chalkboard labels on the jars so each person can write their name on it.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Put the lids on the jars and let them stay cold in ice. The sun doesn’t do much good to lemonade.

Since you’ve chosen jars instead of glasses, maybe you’d also like to improvise a cooler or ice bin from a large container.

It would be awesome if you could also find an oversized jar or something similar to make a lovely set for the guests.

Back to school.

If you spray paint a couple of Mason jars you can make some practical and good-looking pencil holders.Available for 18$.

Paint them all different colors so you can organize your utensils more easily. Pens go in the yellow jar, scissors in the green one, etc.

Another way of making organizing easy and fun is to pain chalkboard labels on the jars. Then you can write on them what you want.Available for 8$.

When you have lots of things to store in jars and not a lot of desk space, you can try stacking them and placing them horizontally.

A simple mason jar can become a work of art if you put your mind to it. Get some paint and a thin brush and start the makeover.{found on handmadecharlotte}.

It would also be nice and useful to paint the bottom half of the jar with chalkboard paint and the top area with normal paint.{found on girllovesglam}.

When painting the jar with regular paint, start with the inside first. Spread the paint evenly and place the jars upside down.{found on kootutmurut}.

If you want to make your pencil holder feel cozy and warm you can knit a sweater for it. Wrap it around and it looks very cute.

To make it easier to organize your things, you can put tags on the jars. You just need a little thread and a piece of paper.{found on iloveswmag}.

Of course, Mason jars are great pencil holders as they are and they only need extra work only if you prefer a different look for them.


Mount a Mason jar on a piece of recycled wood and you’ll get a rustic vase. Display it in the living room, on the porch or anywhere else.Available for 35$.

Several jars can be attached to a single piece of wood. For example, you can make a trio of vases, each jar for a different flower.Available for 37$.

You can use rope to keep the jars attached to the wood panel. It’s a particularly nice idea if you’re aiming at a rustic, shabby chic look.Available for 25$.

Similarly, you can use jars attached to wood panels to store and display your kitchen utensils. It takes little space and it’s very practical.Available for 28$.

Another idea can be to mount the jars in front of the desk and to use them for storing pencils and other items.Available for 23$.

Instead of making a vase you could make a planter. Just fill the jar with soil and add your favorite plant and you have a wall-mounted planter.

Using wall-mounted jars in the kitchen is particularly functional because you get to free up counter space.

It’s easy to be organized when you have a jar for everything. Mount them on the wall to keep the desk free and uncluttered.

You can use a similar organizing system for the bathroom. Put cotton balls, q tips, brushes and everything else on the wall where you can easily reach them.

A square piece of wood placed obliquely will become a lovely sconce base for your Mason jar vase.Available for 18$.

Mason jar wall organizers are perfect for any room of the house, including the office, bathroom and kitchen.Available for 30$.

Hanging shelf jars.

Mason jars are very useful in the kitchen as they allow you to store all sorts of things in them. To save space, mount them under the cabinets.{found on hgtv}.

A multifunctional shelf that serves as a jewelry organizer and a display space for a mason jar vase. The jar in inserted into the shelf.Available for 28$.

Making a jar a part of a shelf’s design is a lovely idea, especially when the shelf is designed for display or occasional storage.Available for 65$.

Add a little delicacy and beauty to your bathroom with a tiny shelf with integrated jar vase and towel rings on the bottom.Available for 55$.

This type of shelf is easy to make. You just have to screw the lids to the shelf and make a small hole in the center to be able to put the flowers in.{found on withlovely}.

A similar technique can be used to create extra storage under the shelf. Get a few jars, screw the lids onto the shelf and you’re done.{found on site}.

This type of storage system is useful for items that you don’t usually use such as decorating tape, buttons and other things.Available for 40$.

You can ingeniously stretch your shelf storage space and add color to the room with this mason jar storage system.{found on offbeathome}.

Use this idea for rooms like the office, the kitchen, the kids’ room or the bathroom, areas where you can afford to be casual and practical.

Under-shelf mason jars are great not just for storage but also as decorations. For example, a single jar can become a lovely vase that won’t accidentally get spilled.Available for 80$.

Lighting features.

Because jars are made of glass and transparent, they are perfect for making hanging lanterns for outdoor events.{found on wanelo}.

Fill two thirds of the jars with water and then place a tea candle on top. The candle will float. Add beads on the bottom for extra color and beauty.

A hanging jar lantern is easy to make. You just need some twine, large candles and jars. Wrap twine around them, make a knot and put the candle inside.{found on brit}.

If you want, you can also make actual lamps with a light bulb. You have to attach the wiring and everything else to the lid after you punched holes in it.{found on woonblog}.

A mason jar can also be turned into a nice oil lamp. You just need to put oil in it, to make a hole in the lid and to add the cotton wick.{found on site}.

A wall sconce made with actual jars has a nice casual look and would look great in barns and rustic homes.Available for 134$.

Perfect for autumn, these jar candles make lovely decorations for the mantle or table. They have corn and peas at the bottom.Available for 36$.

One of the best things you could make with a mason jar is a garden lantern. Attach wire to the lid and make a hook for the tree. Put a tea candle inside and that’s all.Available for 21$.

Mason jar candle holders can be attached to almost anything. You can hang them on the fence for example.Available for 250$.

Although a little more complex than a sconce, this jar chandelier is not that difficult to make if you have some spare time in a weekend.Available for 210$.

This is also a chandelier made with mason jars but it has a nice rustic appeal and a more design, making it versatile.Available for 750$.

This is a cascading chandelier, very beautiful and artistic. It’s made with mason jars of different colors and it has an industrial look.Available for 210$.

If you wrap the top portion of the jars in rope, it will look like a hive and it will be beautifully camouflaged.Available for 130$.

Of course, you can also leave the jar as such and simply use it to make a pendant light. It’s a nice idea for rustic interior decors.Available for 55$.

Soap dispensers.

Another great thing jars are good for is a soap dispenser. Simply attach the mechanism to the lid and that’s all.{found on thejunknest}.

You can also turn a simple jar into a toothbrush holder. This way it will match the soap dispenser and you’ll have a set.Available for 32$.

A set of three items can include a soap dispenser, a storage jar and a toothbrush holder, all three made from simple mason jars.Available for 30$.

Also, you can make a jar dispenser for lotion. To distinguish between the two (for soap and for lotion) you can paint chalkboard labels on them.

Different jars with different shapes and sizes can be used to make larger sets. Use them for storing cotton balls, q tips and other bathroom supplies.Available for 58$.

Colored jars are wonderful for such projects. They add color to the bathroom and they look a little more stylish than transparent jars.Available for 25$.

Other colors can look great as well. Just pick the one you like and make a nice set for the bathroom. You can even make it as a gift for someone.Available for 28$.


The usual size of a mason jar makes it perfect for a planter. Put two or more jar planters in a wooden box and display them at the entrance.{found on shanty-2-chic}.

With a piece of wood and some mason jars you can make a lovely vertical garden for your home. It takes little space and you can put it anywhere you want.{found on amberzondotcom}.

To make the planters more attractive, you can paint the jars. Choose bold colors and you’ll get a wonderful display for the window or mantel.

The lids of the jars can be used as plates and you can make planters with drainage system. Your plants will be happy and your home will look fresh.Available for 38$.

If you decide to use transparent jars as planters then you can layer the soil and everything else beautifully. It would be a nice housewarming gift.{found on site}.

Put moss on top of the soil to give the planter a more beautiful look. The lid will keep everything in place and the moss will keep moisture in.

Deserts in a jar.

Simple and practical, deserts in a jar are a great idea for parties and even for special events like weddings. They add an original touch to the whole thing.{found on theantiquedoor}.

You can put all sorts of things in a jar. For example, this is cheesecake with fresh berries on top.

You can even make pie in a jar. You just have to adjust the recipe and to make a tiny crust. Everyone will have their own individual little pie.{found on thenerdswife}.

Apple pie in a jar is another lovely idea. It’s easy to make and it’s great for portioning everything perfectly.{found on thriftdee}.

Another advantage for mason jar deserts is that you can layer the ingredients and the colors beautifully and they’ll look even more appetizing.{found on cynthiashaffer}.

Sewing kits in a jar

When you think about it, jars are perfect for that. You can store pins and other things inside and the lid can be a cushion.{found on martha}.

Tiny jars can be used for storing buttons. It’s a nice and easy way of organizing them by size or color.

Small thread spools can also be stored in jars. Because the jar is transparent, you can easily locate the item you need and then reach inside to get it.Available for 40$.

One of the most practical things about sewing kits in a jar is that you can transform the lid into a pin cushion.Available for 28$.

You get to choose any size of jar you want, according to the number of items you need to store inside.{found on juliettelaura}.

This is a very practical idea: store thread yarn inside jars and make a tiny hole in the lid for the thread to get through.


Something as simple as painting a mason jar can make it look completely different. You can use it as a vase.Available for 28$.

After painting the jars you can also decorate them with a nice burlap flower or other small accessories.Available for 20$.

The colors of the jars, in this case vases, can match the flowers you put in them for a more cohesive effect.Available for 20$.

Wrap a piece of thread around the jar and make a bow. It’s a simple detail that can turn it into a lovely table centerpiece.

You can use painted mason jars as vases and display them on the mantle or on the table for special events.

Spray paint the jars a nice color and use them as centerpieces for your wedding tables. It’s a nice and original touch.Available for 32$.

Makeup storage.

Another thing mason jars are great for is makeup storage. They are especially wonderful for brushes.

To make the jar more attractive you can paint them. Use either spray paint or regular paint and let it dry completely before using the jars.

Different sizes of jars are great for different sizes of brushes and other makeup supplies.

You can put labels or tags on each jar to know which item goes where. It’s easy to be organized this way.

To make the brushes stay vertical in the jar you can put beads, beans or sand on the bottom.

There are numerous ways in which you can decorate the jars to make them look more ettractive. Use lace or fabric to make them nice clothes.

Wedding décor.

In certain cases, jars can be used as vases for weddings. They add a nice rustic and casual touch to the tables.

Colored jars are more suitable as wedding table vases as centerpieces. Choose the color that matches the theme of the event.{found on site}.

To make the jars/vases match the theme and the décor of the wedding you can also paint them.{found on stylemepretty}.

Decorate the jars with twine, ribbon or burlap to make them look more chic. You can also put tags on them with the table numbers.Available for 30$.

Depending on how large you want the centerpieces to be, you can choose different shapes and sizes for the jars.{found on site}.

Transparent jars are wonderful if you’re using flowers in pastel and light shades. In this case, the jar was also decorated with lace.

You can create a very nice green centerpiece décor for the wedding tables and you can use moss, twigs, leaves, etc.

Jars are great not just as vases for the wedding. They can also be used as decorations or the chairs.{found on site}.

You can hang the jars from the chairs and they’ll become lovely vases. Attach them with wire or rope.

To save space on the tables and to also be original, you can write the table numbers on the jars or on the burlap used for decorate them.

Similarly, you can put tags on the jars with the table numbers written on them. Inside you can out flowers or candles.

You can use burlap to decorate the jars if you prefer a rustic look or other type of fabric. Another idea would be to use chalkboard.Available for 55$.

Chalkboard jar labels.

Tiny jars can be used as storage for small items. To easily identify the contents, you can use chalkboard paint on the lids.Available for 4.5$.

Jars are very useful in the kitchen. Use them for storing seeds, spices, flour, rice and all sorts of other things.

When painting the jar with chalkboard paint you make it easily customizable. Turn it into a thank you vase.

The chalkboard labels let you write the name of the things you store inside and they make it easy to find what you need in the pantry.

Similarly, you can make chalkboard labels for the lids. This way you can see what’s inside without having to get the jars out of their storage space.

Chalkboard labels are great for numerous situations. For example, they’re great for lemonade jars and you can write your guests’ names on them.

Lemonade jars with labels are perfect for large parties and even for weddings. They can be personalized and they’re easy to make.Available for 13$.

Holiday-themed jars.

Paint the jars, put candles in them and give them scary faces. You’ll get some wonderful lanterns for the Halloween party.{found on crafts}.

These elegant-looking jars are great for the mantel but they can also be used as centerpieces for the table on special events.{found on dottieangel}.

Easy to make and very cute, mason jar snow globes are wonderful gifts for friends and relatives. A lovely idea for Christmas.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Colorful and ingenious, these jars have skeleton hands sticking out of them. They’re Halloween decorations for the mantle.Available for 28$.

Also perfect for Halloween are these jar glasses. They have spider lids and chalkboard tags and the straws are black to match the theme.Available for 24$.

You can also create patriotic decorations using mason jars. Paint them red, white and blue and use them as vases or simple decorations.Available for 24$.

Wrapped jar designs.

To make a jar look more snuggly and cute you can wrap it in rope or yarn. You can even knit a sweater for it.{found on vickie}.

Knitting a sweater for a jar is not difficult. All you need to do is measure it and make a rectangle. Then sew the edges together.{found on dottieangel}.

Socks actually have the perfect shape for such a project. Simply cut the bottom part off and put the sock on the jar.{found on mondocherry}.

You can use fabric to make a beautiful wrapping display for the jar. Cut strips and twist them to make small ruffles.{found on mrkate}.

For a chic and rustic look you can wrap burlap around the jar. You can also make burlap roses or other decorations.

Party jars.

Mason jars are very useful at parties. Use them for storing forks, for lemonade and even for desserts.{found on forthelove}.

If you need something to put all the straws in at a party, a mason jar would be perfect. You can also use jars for the drinks.

Mason jars are great utensil holders. Decorate them with colored tape or paint them if you want a more attractive look.{found on site}.

With the right type of lid, a mason jar can be the perfect container for lemonade or cocktails at a summer party.

You can create some amazing deserts in mason jars. The transparent glass lets you make colorful layers.

Another thing jars are good for at a party is for keeping all the sauces, toppings and dips on the dining table.

Because they have lids, the jar can be used to keep the beverages ice cold. Fill them with cocktails or sangria and they’ll be a blast at the party.

Snacks in a jar.

Transparent jars are perfect for holding food that has layers. For example, you can put salad in them and arrange all the ingredients beautifully.

Nachos in a jar are a wonderful snack. All you need is a bag of nachos and a jar full of goodies to go with it.{found on site}.

Of course, you can put all sorts of other things in jars. For example, you can have cookies in a jar, chips, pasta, ice, etc.{found on thedecoratedcookie}.


We also found this great idea while browsing. It’s a picture in a jar and it would be a very original display for the mantle and also a nice favor for a wedding.

Take a tiny jar, punch a few holes in the lid and keep your toothpicks inside. You can get them out through the holes.{found on eclecticrecipes}.

A small jar can also be a wonderful matchbox replacement. Keep the matches inside and make a hole in the lid.{found on theburlapbag}.

In the kitchen, you can use mason jars to store your wooden utensils in. either store them on the counter or mounted on the wall.

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