12 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Small House

Let’s say you’re in the position where you have to buy a house for yourself. The bigger the better, right? Well, not exactly. Although size matters, buying a small house can turn out to be advantageous in some cases. In case you’re wondering which types of cases we’re talking about, here are some reasons why you should buy a small house instead of a big one.

1. Buy a house you can afford.

The first reason is an obvious one. A small house costs less than a larger one and it’s more affordable. So it’s logical to choose something that fits your finances instead of living in a fantasy world. Be realistic and choose wisely.

2. A shorter credit.

In most cases a mortgage is the best solution when you want to buy a house and, in that case, the bigger the credit the longer the period in which you have to give the money back. Naturally, you’ll want to get it over with as quicker as possible and it’s why a smaller house can be the best solution.

3. Commitment issues.

In case you’re not sure you can stay put for a long period of time it’s useless to buy a big house somewhere. If you can’t commit to a place, don’t invest in big purchases. A small house would be comfortable enough for the moment.

4. Easier to maintain.

Having a big house also means that there’s more space that needs to be cleaned up. This makes maintenance a pain so don’t buy a huge house unless you really need it.

5. Reduced energy consumption.

A small house also presents advantages like lower energy consumption. A small house has fewer rooms that need to be heated and cooled and you also have fewer appliances to worry about.

6. Easy to sell.

In case you’re considering of moving to another place at one point, you should keep in mind that smaller homes are easier to sell. So avoid getting stuck there longer than you have to just because you can’t find a buyer.

7. Quality upgrades.

Before you decide to buy a huge house take into consideration the fact that upgrades cost a small fortune. In that case, it’s better to have a smaller house because you can afford to spend more on a single item and this way you can invest more in quality.

8. Easier to have a simple life.

When you have a small home there’s less space for storing things to you have to think twice before buying something. This makes it easier to have a simple life so it may be the best choice for those that prefer type of lifestyle.

9. Better location.

Given the fact that small homes are easier to find and more numerous that larger ones, this allows you to choose a better location for yourself and your family. You’re not restricted by the area and there are more options to choose from.

10. Less debt.

When buying a house, you can decide what percent of your income you want to spend monthly on the mortgage. This also determines the size of the house you can buy. So why spend more money when you can spend less and have more to work with for other things?

11. Family bonding.

In a smaller home, family members are forced to interact more and to bond more. This is usually a good thing. When there’s only one living room or lounge area, everyone will meet there and spend more time together.

12. Less decorating.

A smaller house also means that there’s less space that needs to be decorated. It takes less time, less money and less energy. Also, you can invest more in artwork or appliances since you need to buy fewer items.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on September 5th, 2013


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