15 Poolside Area Design Ideas And How To Change Your House

Having a big house with a pool is what most people dream about. But these dreams don’t usually include details. So when you actually get to have a pool, a whole new set of problems appears? How do you design it? What shape should it have? And what about the whole area surrounding it? Decorating the poolside area is both exciting and exhausting because there are so many ideas to choose from.

Sometimes a simple design is your best choice, especially in modern decors
A daybed or a lounge chair is a must-have poolside accessory

In the last decade, the swimming pool designs have changed massively and it is these changes which have completely revolutionized the whole concept of pool designs. This also influenced the poolside designs and decors as well. Add exuberance to your outdoor spaces and transform the poolside area into a beautiful and relaxing oasis.

Use natural materials like stone and let nature shape the décor
Symmetry works well in the case of traditional or Mediterranean designs
Even though simple, this poolside area design has an imposing feel
Create an intimate lounge area by the pool, separate from the patio
An organic-shaped pool surrounded by beautiful rocks and flower beds
It’s important to choose materials and colors which also match with the main house
If you have more than one outdoor lounge area, it could be nice to have matching furniture
Small poolside areas can also be relaxing and beautiful if you have the right accessories
A few decorations and accent features can have a big impact on the overall design
Don’t forget about lighting for both the pool and the adjacent spaces
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Your poolside area can be a patio and you can combine 2 functions
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Make sure you don’t obstruct the views, especially if they’re this beautiful
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Casual furniture makes the décor more relaxing and is also more practical

The key to a great design is balance. So make sure the poolside area and the actual pool form a cohesive mix. Pick colors that are delicate and pleasant. Depending on the look and ambiance you’re trying to create, choose the materials which work best in that particular case. Use stone to bring natural beauty inside if you have an indoor pool or surround the pool with rocks, flower beds and vegetation if it’s outdoors. Get some inspiration from your favorite style and find ways to include exotic features.