11 Falling Water Features Guaranteed To Give Your House A Sophisticated Look

If you wish to make your home stand out and to give it the wow factor then a falling water feature is the way to go. It’s amazing how such a simple detail can completely change the design and the landscape. There are numerous designs and ideas to choose from.

You don’t need a big garden or courtyard in order to have a falling water feature. For example, take a look at this tiny patio. There’s a simple table with a canal at its center and water runs through it and then falls into a tiny pond.

You can also consider using falling water features to make your swimming pool stand out. This courtyard has three simple bowls from which water falls into the pool. It’s simple yet has an eye-catching visual effect.

How about something even more spectacular. This patio has a concrete roof from which water rains into the pool. The water wall transforms the patio into a serene and zen space, especially with those beautiful flower beds surrounding the columns.

If you have a big garden then you might enjoy having a small pond in there. Maybe you can add a water feature like this tiny waterfall. Get in touch with nature and create your own little paradise.

This stunning Mediterranean residence has a beautiful staircase which emerges from a stone wall. Water comes down and falls into a small pond. It’s a great use of stone and rocks.

This is a reflection pond and water gets recycled and forms two stunning waterfalls. It almost looks like the pond has two curtains of water. The sound mimics the rain, creating a very relaxing atmosphere.

In the case of this pond, water comes out of the stone wall and forms a waterfall. However, the water wall is clear and transparent, forming a sheet. As it touches the rocks at the bottom, the waterfall creates music, very tranquil and relaxing.

This is another example of a waterfall. The water is recycled from the pool and falls from within the beams that frame it. This is one of the most spectacular types of water features and it’s not difficult to create either.

These water features are based on a similar idea, although they are very different from the waterfalls we’ve seen so far. The Japanese influence is quite strong here. Water comes down from the patio roof in thin streams.

It is also possible to have exquisite water features on your patio without having a pool or a pond. Water comes out of the wall and then disappears in tiny crevices into the ground. It’s a continuous cycle and the accent lighting emphasizes the beauty of the water features.

Water features like this one are not just for display. The sheet of water at the edge of this pool also helps circulate the water and cools it at the same time. This way the pool remains cool and inviting at all times, even when it’s hot outside.

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Published by in Outdoor, on April 14th, 2014


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