10 Winter Home Decorating Ideas

The décor of a home changes with the seasons. When winter starts to make its presence noticed it’s time to make the house feel warm and cozy. So what are you waiting for? Welcome winter in style. Bring back and soft and fluffy fabrics and start redecorating.

Soft and cozy fabrics.

Winter is all about coziness. When it’s cold and wet outside, you want to be warm and comfy inside so gets all your soft throws, fluffy blankets and heavy curtains out of the closets and use them to change the ambiance in your home. Use pillows and cushions to add warmth and comfort to the bedroom and living spaces.

Add area rugs and carpets

Add rugs to all the areas of the house. It’s not pleasant to walk on cold floors and rugs and carpets make a home feel a lot more inviting and warm.

Decorate with natural accents.

Use natural elements such as wood, stone, flowers, leaves and pine cones to decorate the rooms. Get them all in a bunch and place them in a basket or use twigs to make a nice centerpiece for the dining table. The mantel is also a nice feature.

Use glass containers for the decorations.

Decorate with pine cones, leaves, tree branches and all sorts of other things and place them in transparent glass containers. You can use empty wine bottles as vases or candle holders and apothecary jars for the little things.


You don’t need a big budget to change the tone of your home décor. You can just as easily repurpose items like wine bottles, barrels or Mason jars to create some lovely focal points for the home.

Cozy up in front of the fireplace.

Create a cozy sitting area in front of the fireplace. Get a couch or a set of comfy armchairs and a coffee table and you’re all set.

Light candles for a romantic vibe.

Don’t have a fireplace? Not to worry. You can use candles to seta warm and romantic mood in the room. Use candles as centerpieces for the dining table or anywhere else in the house.


To make your home feel extra cozy and inviting, use cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans and other beautiful scents. You can also light scented candles for a fragrant ambiance.

Change the artwork.

Your bold-colored artwork might have looked nice during summer but it’s not ideal for the winter season. You should get something less striking. Hang some black and white pictures or a painting you find fit for the occasion.

Warm lighting.

Daylight is not as powerful as it used to be so it’s time to invest in some new light bulbs. Choose warm light to make the space feel cozy and romantic and always have extras.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on January 15th, 2011


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