10 Ways to Revamp Your Home

Many people find eventually that their homes do not provide the coziness they had hoped for while buying them. The real estate agent who had sold the house to them obviously made, it appear cozy with a variety of stuffs. In such a case the person needs to revamp their house to bring in that warmth. Often extravagant renovation is not required. Adding small things like a vase, painting, rug etc will help to enhance the overall appeal provided by the room. There are  few simple ways to make the home appear more cozy.

First analyze the lighting used in the house. Use lamp shades if the room requires faded lights only. A person could also some bamboo curtains which will enhance the look and provide adequate lighting to the house during the daytime. Rearranging the already available shades in different rooms can prove to be very fruitful.

Repainting the walls can be the second step. Paint the walls with bright colors rather than dull ones to make the room appear brighter and larger.  While revamping the home there is no need to discard the already existing furniture set and buy new ones. You could use the furniture already in possession and add small extra furniture to give the home the desired look.

Molding the walls and then repainting the walls and ceiling with different colors will give the house an overall class look.  Replacing the old upholstery with something new in the market will be another way to revamp  the home better. Adding paintings on the wall will give the home a more appeasing look.In such a case the person needs to revamp their house to bring in that warmth. Sometimes the family photos in personalized picture frames isn’t enough to cut it.

Display books and vintage items in possession on the partitioned shelves this will give the person more space for other items  and can be the best way to show off the person collections to friends.

Replacing the concrete floor with wood panels and floors with new rugs is another step. Try different textured wallpapers on the wall which are sure to attract attention of others and the owner proud. Add small collection in the rooms like cushions, dry flowers, statues etc that appeals to the person.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,and 5}.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on January 31st, 2012


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