10 unusual headboard ideas for an original bedroom interior décor

The bed is, of course, a crucial part of any bedroom’s interior décor. But what makes it stand out even more than the design itself is the headboard. It’s an accessory designed to point out the beauty of the décor and complement or add a touch of originality to the room. The classical headboard designs are always beautiful but there are also some more unconventional ideas that might interest you. Here are a few examples:

You already know that pallets can be used to make almost anything. Here’s an example that shows how they can be used to make an original headboard for the bedroom. You’ll need two pallets, not necessarily with matching looks. You can decorate them as you like and the result will be a casual, almost improvised décor that is nevertheless cozy.

This is a more intriguing headboard idea. This headboard is made, believe it or not, from a room divider. It’s an ingenious use of that piece and, when you think about, it makes sense. Also, the color of the headboard matches the furniture and the curtains so it integrates beautifully into the whole décor.

For a more rustic look you can try to make a headboard from reclaimed barn wood. As you can see in this case, the pieces were connected at various heights for a more eye-catching effect. It’s simple, cozy and it adds a rustic touch to any bedroom. Of course, it would help if the rest of the décor shared the same characteristics.

This is another version of the headboard presented above. It was also make from reclaimed wood but this one has a more dramatic look. It’s because the wood features different textures and finishes, different shapes and sizes and those are also probably different types of wood as well.

For a more modern and practical look you can try a panel board headboard. The idea is to basically turn the respective wall into a storage space with lots of shelves and compartments. It’s helpful since you can also incorporate the nightstands into the design.

This natural wood headboard is a piece that could easily become the star of the whole décor. If everything else is kept simple, preferably in neutral and bright colors, the headboard would pop and stand out beautifully. It’s a simple and elegant idea based on contrasts.

This is another variation of the room divider used as a headboard. The difference is that, in this case, the room divider is more impressive in size and it actually serves its original purpose, that of dividing two different rooms. In addition, it also serves as a headboard for the bedroom area.

A pegboard headboard would also be an ingenious and practical idea. You can turn this into a weekend DIY project and you then you can use the headboard to also hang some decorations, maybe even a planter for some freshness and a shelf for the alarm clock.

This gray headboard is suited for minimalist, contemporary bedrooms. The stone-like surface gives it an industrial and yet stylish look. Also, it’s very ingenious the way the nightstands were integrated into the bed’s design and together form a long shelf.

These matching headboards are exaggeratedly high. It’s an intentional effect and it gives drama to the décor. Also, they match the frame of the bed. The Moroccan look is quite appealing as well. It’s beautiful how the colors complement each other and how the headboard contains all the other colors present in the room.

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Published by in Interiors, on September 28th, 2012


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