10 Sleek, stylish and space-saving floating desks

Even though the desk is basically the most important piece of furniture in a home office, this doesn’t mean it can occupy the entire room. In order to obtain a functional and airy interior décor for your home office you need to find ingenious and clever solutions. A floating desk, for example, is a modern option that allows you to free up some floor space and to obtain and an airy décor without giving up functionality. Here are a few design ideas.

This is a modern and very simple home office that features white walls and a beautiful and sleek floating desk that perfectly integrates in that carved space in between side walls. The desk is made of wood and this also helps create a warm and inviting look that balances the coldness of the walls. Also, the beautiful lime armchairs add a touch of color.

This is a studio/office that was organized inside a former garage. Since the space available was limited, the floating desk seems like the perfect idea. It’s placed at the same level as the window and goes from one side to the other. It has an extremely simple design and it’s been complemented by a series of wall-mounted shelves and storage compartments on each side of the window.

Here’s another modern office and this one is based on color contrasts. The background in crisp white and the high ceilings and window only enhance the brightness of the décor. The flooring, however, is dark brown and so is the sofa and the floating desk. This way a very nice contrast is created. The colors are beautifully balanced and complemented by some touches of red.

This particular home office, even though it’s small, is very inviting and pleasant to be in. The windows let in plenty of natural light but the room still maintains its coziness. The desk is hard to notice since it’s so narrow. It’s a floating desk with only one portion usable but that continues and forms a nice display area. In the center of the room there’s a chic table with a glass top and two white chairs and there’s also a very beautiful pendant lamp hanging above it.

When you don’t have the space to turn a whole room into your office, you can redirect your attention towards spaces such as the basement. It might not be ideas, but it’s a great space where you can find some peace and quiet and where you can concentrate properly. It’s small but a floating desk and some wall shelves would solve the problem.

When you don’t actually work from home but rather sometimes bring your work home with you, you can give up the idea of having an entire room for that and you can organize a small area in the family room where you could work. It doesn’t have to be much. To make it integrate in the décor you can use a sleek floating desk, add a chair or two and you’re done.

This home office has lots of storage. IT features a floating white desk and a long wall unit hanging above it that includes shelves and storage compartments for anything from books to office supplies. In front of the desk there’s a magnetic wall with glass on top. It’s a very interesting idea that can be applied to other spaces as well.

This particular home office has a very clean and simple look. It’s basically just a white floating desk mounted on a white wall. The chairs are also white but the floors are dark brown and the contrast created in very strong and bold. The window also has a thin black frame that creates the same effect. To maintain this theme, the desk has also been decorated with black and white elements.

This unusually sleek home office is part of a wonderful and impressive pavilion. As you can see, the indoor-outdoor connection is very strong thanks to the huge glass walls and clear windows. To maintain the openness of the décor and to also take maximum advantage of the natural sunlight, a very sleek and simple floating desk was placed near the glass walls. On one side it features a bookcase while on the other it has wonderful views of the outdoor areas.

Our final example is another family room. This one also has an office integrated in its design. It’s a small and almost unperceivable area that features a floating desk, two stylish white chairs and some built-in storage space on one side. It benefits from natural lights coming through the narrow windows and it doesn’t interfere with the overall décor.

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Published by in Office Design Ideas, on October 23rd, 2012


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