10 Rooms with indoor trees: where the indoors meet the outdoors

Inside a home, whether it’s an apartment or a house, it’s like in a sanctuary. This means that inside you get to feel safe and cozy but you also get to be separated from everything nature has to offer in its raw form. To restore that balance you can try to incorporate some elements usually found in nature in the interior design. For example, a very interesting idea is to have a tree in your home. If you’re having trouble imagining exactly how you can do that, take a look at these beautiful examples.

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Beautiful airy living room with light above sofa and symmetry

This is a spacious and airy apartment with a contemporary interior décor. In the living room the décor is minimalist and almost entirely white. The exterior wall is almost entirely covered with large windows and this somewhat creates a balance and a connection between the indoor and outdoor areas. To accentuate this connection, two small trees have been incorporated into the living room’s décor.

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Create an Indoor courtyard

Here the connection between the indoors and outdoors is much stronger. The hall/vestibule of this residence includes a wonderful small garden. It has a large skylight above it that lets in the natural light that the plants need in order to survive. The garden includes a series of small plants as well as a tree placed in the center.

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Indoor corner vegetation

This living room also has a similar garden. The room itself is not that bright. It features two relatively small windows that don’t let in much light so to compensate for that a skylight was placed above this garden. It includes a beautiful tall tree and plants around it. There are also additional plants scattered throughout the room and most of them are placed near the windows where they can take advantage of the natural light.

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Create a tree corner

If you wish to preserve the minimalism of the décor, maybe something a little more simple would be better for you. This residence, for example, features a minimalist, bright interior with a quite small, rectangular space near the entrance where a single small tree can be seen. The space is decorated with a couple of rocks that create a nice balance.

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Dream forest house

When you’re living in the middle of the forest and you’re surrounded by trees and vegetation, naturally you want to incorporate as much from it as possible into your home’s décor. This residence features large windows and glass walls in all directions and, in addition, there’s also a very tall tree running through the center of the living area. It has been incorporated into the residence’s structure.

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Sun room decorated with big natural trees

This is an indoor porch and it features a beautiful modern design. It’s decorated with a variety of plants and also with a series of small trees. Considering that the whole porch is wrapped in a wood structure with lots of windows and skylights, it’s a very friendly environment for them. It’s a way of bringing a piece of nature inside.

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Tropical living room

This tropical residence also aims at blurring the barrier between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The double height living area features large windows and arched doors with access to a terrace and it’s been decorated with tropical trees and a beautiful blue rug that almost looks like the surface of a pool.

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Bedroom designed around the theme of a beach sunset

This stylish master bedroom features an Asian-inspired interior. The theme at the base of the décor is a beach sunset. The warm colors and the soft light reflecting on the walls create a very relaxing atmosphere while the tree brings freshness inside the room. The bedroom is very cozy, stylish and relaxing.

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Simple dining room we love

The dining room can also benefit from some freshness. This one, for example, is beautiful and inviting. Even though the table and chairs occupy most of the space, the atmosphere is still airy thanks to the tree and the overall color palette. The textures are diverse and so are the colors.

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Extreme example of bringing the outdoors in

This is another exquisite porch. It’s part of a contemporary residence and features a very friendly and cheerful décor. It has a large tree piercing through the center and a variety of fresh plants scattered throughout the room. The large windows and skylights let in lots of natural light and the green accent wall accentuates the beauty of the décor.

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