10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

Nowadays we tend to do everything on the internet. It’s a great source of information but, even so, it can’t replace a professional. For example, you might think you can sell or buy a house by yourself using the internet or some other method and you might even succeed in doing so, but this doesn’t mean that a real estate agent would be useless. They’re professionals for a reason and there are multiple reasons for you to hire one. For example:

1. Specialized knowledge.

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A real estate agent is a professional and knows more than you do about buying and selling properties. It’s what he/she was trained to do. So by hiring one you would get access to all that information and experience. So unless you think you can learn everything about real estate without effort before you selling or buying your home, it would be much easier to simply hire a professional.

2. Information filtering.

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Besides knowing a lot about real estate, another thing that agents do and that is very important is filtering. They take care of a very difficult and frustrating part of buying or selling a house. A real estate agent will filter all the phone calls and will only presents you those offers that have potential. A real estate agent will also serve as a buffer between you and the builder’s agents.

3. Familiarity with the neighborhood.

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It’s a real estate agent’s job to possess intimate knowledge about a neighborhood and everything that happens in it. Another thing that agent do is find similar properties and allow you to compare them. Also, the agent can also give you information about the schools in the area, demographics and everything else you want to know about a certain neighborhood when you decide to buy a home.

4. Price negotiation and guidance.

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Many people have the impression that real estate agents select the prices for sellers and buyers. In reality, all they do is guide their clients and help them make the right choice. When a client is interested in a property, the agent will devise a negotiation strategy and will try to get a better price for the client. It’s the client that has to first choose a price. The agent is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.

5. Information related to market conditions.

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There are a number of factors that contribute to the price set for a property. The market conditions often dictate the price. A real estate agent needs to know everything about these and then guide the client into the right direction. The agent will offer you information about other similar homes, average sale prices or days on the market and together you will be able to make a decision.

6. A guide towards other professionals.

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Having a real estate agent can also be helpful after you buy or sell your home. The agent can redirect you towards other professionals that provide useful services. Even though they might not be able to guide you towards a certain individual due to legal liability, they can provide you with a list of references of professionals they have worked with in the past. They also give you background information about them.

7. Negotiation and representative skills.

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A real estate agent is more than just a mediator or messenger between the buyers and the sellers. Their job is to represent the client and to present their offer in the best possible light in order to attract buyers or sellers. Their negotiation skills are also crucial and they are part of their job description. Their experience makes them irreplaceable.

8. Paperwork.

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One of the most annoying and yet very important parts when buying or selling a property is having to handle all the paperwork. Every document needs to be analyzed closely and it really helps to know what and where to look for something important. Real estate agents have to deal with this every day. It’s a very good reason for hiring an agent.

9. Questions and confusion solving.

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You might think that everything ends when you sign the paperwork. Well, it doesn’t. Many problems can arise after that. They can be related to taxes, invoices and all sorts of confusions that can really ruin your enthusiasm. But a simple phone call to your real estate agent can solve the problem. The agent will straighten out the confusions and will assist you with these problems.

10. A background for future business.

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When you hire a real estate agent for the first time it’s very difficult. You don’t know anything about that person and you have to select him/her based on impersonal details. But once you’ve worked with an agent you already have someone to go to for future business. It’s a fulfilling relationship for both client and agent.

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Posted in Real Estate on February 18, 2013

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