10 Geek Furniture Designs

The term geek describes an odd or non-mainstream person and it has several different connotations, not all being positive. It’s usually employed to describe a computer expert or enthusiast but it may also refer to someone that’s truly invested in a hobby. They may be odd or strange but they need furniture too. Certain designers have dedicated their time and talent to creating unique pieces that respond to all sorts of unique needs and preferences. These geek furniture designs are actually very interesting.

For example, the Blank CD Chair definitely has a unique design. It’s a chair made from lots and lots of CDs and it’s actually quite comfortable. But it’s one of those elements that you would rather keep for display since it’s so unusual and so interesting. It would fit perfectly in a modern or contemporary home, especially if there are also other unique pieces included in the décor.

Telling time can become a challenge when you have a clock like this one. Of course, for mathematic enthusiasts, it’s as easy as it’s ever been. Instead of displaying numbers, this clock features formulas and symbols, some of which are quite simple to decipher while others are a little more complicated.

For the gamers we have a special treat. This is the PS3 coffee table. As you can see, its base is formed of two PS3 controllers and the top is made of glass and is transparent in order to allow you to admire the base from every angle. It’s too bad you can’t actually use them.

Another similar piece of furniture is the Pac Man coffee table. Everyone knows this game and, even though we don’t play it anymore, it’s still a great part of our lives. This unique coffee table is a beautiful and elegant representation of this great symbol. It’s something you might like to use in the media room or even the living room.

Since the iPhone is so popular and so important for many of us, it was bound for such a piece of furniture to appear sooner or later. The iPhone coffee table exploits this symbol and offers us an oversized, furniture version of the gadget. Organize your apps the way you like it and personalize your furniture.

These days we tend to spend a lot of time on social networks. It’s still a form of socialization as we interact with our friends but it’s also very different from everything we’ve experienced so far. Nevertheless, it’s progress. So celebrate it with these lovely and fun pillows inspired by some of the most popular social networks.

For those that like chemistry and find it fun and interesting, here’s a nice piece: the periodic table of elements on a duvet cover. Let the elements create harmony as you relax and make your hobby and passion a part of your everyday life.

How you ever thought that a toilet could actually be more than that. Well, the designer of this model did and here’s the result. It’s a toilet that features a TV, TiVo, DVD, Xbox, laptop, refrigerator, megaphone and iPod dock. It has more than you could ask from any other toilet and it’s also quite stylish.

Star Wars fans are everywhere and they come from all domains and places on the globe. The designer of this desk definitely seems to be a fan. This amazing Star Wars-inspired desk was designed by Tom Spina and it’s doesn’t even need a description. Its design says it all. So if you want to add a personal and fun touch to your office, this would be the way to do it.

Computer experts and enthusiasts will definitely find this piece cool. It’s a table clock designed to resemble a hard drive. Well, it’s actually a real hard drive that has been repurposed. It features the finest quartz clock motor and it’s a great piece to display on the desk or nightstand. It’s also a great idea for a gift.

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