10 Fireplaces For Any Style. Which One Is Yours?

Fireplaces, just like any other accessory or decoration for the house, come in a variety of styles, models and designs. They each feature unique characteristics that make them special and somewhere out there must also be the fireplace that’s perfect for you. Maybe it’s even one of these:


Traditional family room featuring a wood and cast iron fireplace

Fireplaces are generally appreciated for their ability to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room. A rustic fireplace can do that better than most of the other styles. The materials used along with the design contribute to an overall very inviting and appealing look.


Modern living room featuring a minimalist fireplace and furniture featuring the same characteristic

The style you choose for your fireplace must also be in sync with the rest of the home’s interior décor. For example, a rustic or traditional fireplace wouldn’t look exactly good in a modern or contemporary living room unless you opt for a mix of styles and influences. Otherwise, it’s best to opt for a minimalist fireplace.

Wood-burning stove.

Traditional family room featuring a wood-burning stove with an authentic design

A wood burning stove is a special type of fireplace that you usually see in old movies and don’t actually get to see in private homes these days. This type of fireplace is something you can integrate into your kitchen to give it a cozy, Victorian feel.

Mosaic façade.

Modern living room featuring bold-colored furniture and an elegant mosaic façade for the fireplace

This is not exactly a whole new type of fireplace but rather a detail that sets the tone for the design and for the rest of the décor. A mosaic façade is an interesting and elegant way of making your fireplace stand out. You can opt for this detail when you want to change the look of your fireplace or from the beginning as a way to ensure an elegant and charming atmosphere in the room.

Wooden fireplace walls.

Eclectic living room with brick walls and wood around the fireplace

The fireplace is an element that makes a room feel warm, cozy and welcoming, regardless of the style and design. Wood is a material that can pretty much do the same thing. So when you combine these two elements all those characteristics enhance. Wooden fireplace walls are quite common and a very beautiful décor feature.

Stone fireplace walls.

Traditional living room featuring a fireplace surrounded by stone and with a wooden mantel

A very popular and famous image is that of a fireplace with stone all around it. It’s a classical and very beautiful image that mostly suits traditional homes but, with a little creativity, can also be adapted to other types of interior décor.

Country-style fireplaces.

Elegant living room with a neutral color palette and a classical fireplace

There’s also a certain type of fireplaces that is symbolic for most country-style homes. It has a rather simple design with classical features and it makes the room feel both elegant and cozy. This is a style that can be adapted to other types of homes as well.

Mountain cabin fireplaces.

Traditional living room with wood-paneled walls and a large stone fireplace

When you think of fireplaces in general, several images usually come in mind. Among those there’s usually that of a cozy mountain cabin with a large, beautiful fireplace. This type of fireplaces usually requires plenty of space and is best suited for traditional homes.

Contemporary fireplaces.

Modern fireplace with a minimalist and very chic design

Most contemporary fireplaces have designs that no longer focus on creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the room. They become focal points in the décor and their designs are minimalist. These fireplaces were basically completely reinvented and they have become a whole new type of feature.

Floating fireplaces.

Contemporary family room with high ceiling and a floating metal fireplace

The homes that have high ceilings offer the possibility to opt for a floating fireplace instead of the classical type. This basically means that the fireplace structure will be attached to the roof or ceiling and it will become a suspended, floating object.

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