10 Easy Crafts For Outdoor Summer Parties

During summer, anything seems better if it’s done outdoors where you can also admire and enjoy the wonderful weather and the beautiful surroundings. Outdoor summer parties are frequent and very popular. To make these parties more enjoyable, some DIY skills are often needed. With a little creativity and some free time, you can make all sorts of lovely decorations. We have prepared 10 such inspiring examples.

DIY Popcorn Bar.

A popcorn bar is something everyone would enjoy. To make it you need scissors, packing tape, sheets of tissue paper, storage boxes, cardstock and a pen. You can make the serving cones out of vellum lampshades. You can also use paper. Make labels for each one and place tissue paper in the boxes. Then arrange them all inside.{found on handsoccupied}.

Tin can lanterns.

Can lanterns are easy to make and they’re beautiful decorations for the outdoors, especially during the night. To make them you need tin cans, a hammer, bailing wire, pliers, spray paint and tea light candles. Clean the cans, fill them with water and put them in the freezer. Then use a hammer and a nail to make holes near the top of each can. Let the ice melt and make handles using the wire. Put the candle in and you’re done.{found on growcreative}.

Woodsy cupcake stand.

A cupcake stand can also be a nice project. You can make one out of little terra cotta pots and wooden logs cut into slices. Spray paint the pots white or any other color you want and place them in between the log slices. Use glue to connect the pieces and let it dry completely before you use the cupcake stand.{found on thelovelycupboard}.

Birthday hats.

If you wish to also decorate the trees around for the party, string lights would be a perfect option. You can make them out of birthday hats. You also need holiday lights, scissors and tape. Undo the birthday hats and cut around the top. Then punch holes in each hat and attach them to the string of lights using tape after creating a cone shape.{found on cremedelacraft}.

Ruffled Ice Cream Cones.

Ice cream cone decorations would look wonderful, especially since it’s a summer party. To make them you need Styrofoam balls, cotton fabric, a hot glue gun, scrap book paper, a cone template, ribbon, pins and polyester stuffing. Cut the fabric into strips and ruffle it. Then make the cones and fill it with stuffing. Wrap fabric around the balls and attach them to the ruffled cones.{found on icingdesignsonline}.

Pool Noodle Garland.

Garlands are always beautiful and these ones are especially colorful and attractive. To make them you need pool noodles, strings, an exacto knife and a cutting mat. Cut the noodles into slices and feed them onto the string. Tie a portion at each end and hang it from the ceiling, on a tree or anywhere else you want.{found on sugarandcloth}.

Terracotta cloche.

Here’s another extremely simple project: a terracotta cloche. It can be very useful when you’re having snacks outdoors and you don’t want bugs to disturb the fun atmosphere. All you have to do is make a hole at the bottom of a terracotta pot. Then take a piece a rope and knot it through the hole to make a handle. The cloche will also keep food hot or cold.{found on houseofearnest}.

Paper chip bags.

For an outdoor party, snack bags are usually a very good idea. To make them you need paper. Cut it into squares. Fold a square in half to make a triangle and then fold one side over. Repeat with the second side and they should meet at the edges. Then fold the flaps down and put labels on the snack boxes.{found on liagriffith}.

Paper flower lanterns.

These mini paper lanterns are lovely and they would look beautiful in trees or on a porch. To make them you need tissue paper, flower stamens, ribbon, scissors and hot glue. Layer between 6 and 8 sheets of tissue paper and cut out small squares. Fold them into quarters and cut around to make a petal shape. Arrange the petals, fold them in half and cut a small slit. Put the stamens in and glue the flowers.{found on studiodiy}.

Fancy little paper flags.

Here’s another example of colorful paper garlands. To make these you need streamers and scissors. Cut the streamers into smaller lengths, fold them in half and repeat until you get a small section. Cut a small rectangle out of each folded side and leave them attached at the top. Then start making patterns using a hole punch.{found on studiodiy}.

Published by in DIY Projects, on July 18th, 2013


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