10 Contemporary Bathroom Sinks That Will Make Your Day

A home or a space in general is considered to be contemporary when it has an overall interior design that follows certain lines. These main details are applied to all the rooms. Today we’re going to focus on the bathroom. This room has to be simple, clean and relaxing and this is something to take into consideration for any style and type of décor. For contemporary bathrooms in particular, the décor is especially simple.

Glass sinks are appreciated for their transparency and minimalism

Minimalism in the case of the bathroom is best reflected in features such as the sink and the bathtub. Contemporary bathroom sinks are usually extremely simple. They have clean and clear lines and they tend to be as transparent and straightforward as possible while also maintaining a chic and stylish look. It’s easy to notice that opulent patterns and textures are avoided.

Modern and contemporary bathroom sinks usually feature light colors

There are various types of designs to choose from but they all share their minimalism

As for the shape and form of a contemporary bathroom sink, they can vary. Some might have straight lines and geometric shapes with well-defined angles while other could have delicate forms with curvilinear lines and angles. The materials also vary.

The tap can be mounted on the wall or, as in this case, on the mirror

Clean geometrical shapes are very popular and common in contemporary design

When opting for double sinks, usually the designs are identical

Some washing basins feature delicate forms and rounded shapes

The colors usually stay within a neutral palette and patterns are almost completely missing

Another stylish example of a transparent glass bathroom sink design

Oval shapes are also appreciated and popular in modern and contemporary designs

A contemporary bathroom sink also needs a tap to match its design and style. They can wall-mounted or built into the sink’s design. Whatever the case is, they are also minimalist. Some prefer a sink that has an eye-catching tap. It can stand out with its color, unusual shape or choice of material.

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Published by in Bathroom, on March 29th, 2013


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