10 Complimentary Fragrance & Color Combinations

Style isn’t just about the visual aspects of a room. The rest of your senses should be stimulated as well. Walking into a bright, happy room is one experience but walking into a bright, happy room that smells like sunshine and lilies has a completely different adventure. So, when you’re re-decorating or re-designing think about what you’ll do when you reveal the room. Will you add fresh flowers, simmer some homemade aromatherapy recipe on the stove or light some fragrant candles to complete the atmosphere and theme of the space? More importantly, which fragrances bode well with what colors? Check out some of our favorite combinations!

1. Peacock & Clover.

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This deep, peacock blue is the perfect choice for a room that you want to feel chic and sophisticated. And this color with mesh great with spicy scents. Clover is one of the best choices. It’s a bit spicy, a bit peppery with a hint of the morning woods. It’ll travel throughout the space creating a rich, warm atmosphere.

2. Ivory & Vanilla.

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Clean and refreshing, ivory and vanilla are a match made in heaven. For spaces that act as a clean palette, like a creamy bathroom or kitchen, a lighter, softer scent is the best option. Vanilla, one of the most popular fragrances, works well in rooms that are meant to be be clear and inviting areas.

3. Mint & Lavender.

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Lavender is an organic, natural scent. It’s a bit floral and girlish with a lot of vivacious undertones. Mixing it with a bright, cool-colored room will create a fun, lively place to have dinner, hang out with friends or relax and read your favorite magazines in the afternoon. You’ll be creating a light, happy spot in the house.

4. Charcoal & Ginger.

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The charcoal may be making a dark, interesting space. But, adding a scent like ginger into the mix just amps up the eclecticism. It has a spicy undertone but it’s also quite light and youthful.

5. Gold & Patchouli.

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A deep, woodsy scent, this fragrance will match the warmth of a golden room. This earthy aroma is a little more on the masculine side, but when you’ve created such a grandiose, gold room it’ll enhance that rich, royal feel that you’re trying to create. It’s also one of the most popular of scents.

6. Midnight & Rain.

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A beautiful, deep tone, midnight blue is another fan favorite. It’s inviting and serene, yet bold and domineering. Match a midnight room with something that smells of rain. You can create your own recipe using different oils or be lucky enough to find a candle that’ll do the trick. The smell of rain will cut through the darkness.

7. Lilac & Rose.

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Lilac is such a soft, pretty purple. It works well in absolutely any room of the house. So, it needs to be paired with a scent that also works well in any space. Our choice? Rose. A color and a fragrance of florals keeps everything pretty and feminine.

8. Magenta & Cherry Blossom.

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A sleek, modern color, magenta needs something floral to smooth it out and bring out its femininity. Light some romantic, Japanese cherry blossom candles around the room for a beautiful scent and welcoming atmosphere. The dainty fragrance and the contemporary styling will compliment the contrasting ideas.

9. Sky & Almond.

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Almond smells like a batch of freshly baked cookies. And a rich, sky blue acts as a serene, relaxing shade. Put the two together to create a room that everyone wants to gather in for lunch, a cup of coffee or even a nap at the bay window cushion.

10. Camel & Amber.

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Camel, a smoother, lighter version of the neutral brown, is a versatile color. But when used on its own, it needs some extra oomph to help it become a fashion-forward design piece. So, instead of dressing the entire room in camel-colored walls and stopping. Layer the room in several shades of brown from taupe to chocolate and then use a bit of amber fragrance to finish off the room. It’s rich and earthy and matches the tone that these browns create.

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