10 Bold But Soothing Turquoise Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

As everyone knows, certain colors look better is some rooms than in others. For the bedroom, pastels are usually preferred. They are soothing and relaxing and they create a nice atmosphere. But there are also other more vibrant shade that would look good in this particular room. Today we’re going to focus exclusively on turquoise.

Here turquoise is used a main color in combination with green and blue

Turquoise is a color that could best be defined as a combination of blue and green. It actually has the color of the gem that has the same name. The gem is an opaque blue-to-green mineral, it’s rare and has been used as an ornamental stone for thousands of years. Turquoise as a color name has started being used in English in 1573. The name comes from French where it means ”Turkish”, the reason for that being that the was originally imported from Turkey.

The white and turquoise combination is also beautiful and refreshing

Turquoise can also be just an accent color and used in combination with other shades

The images of the sea and the sky reflect the beauty of this color

You can also use pastel shades of turquoise for simple and soothing décor

Play with patterns and don; hesitate to combine similar shades

If you decide to use turquoise as a wall color, opt for a less striking tone

Here you can see a variation of shades, from pastel to dark turquoise

As an accent color, turquoise can be used in lots of different ways

When used with patterns, turquoise maintains its unique character but also blends in

What makes this color so interesting is the fact that. Even though it can be bold and strong, it’s also soothing and relaxing. The fact that it’s a combination of blue and green allows it to have a strong connection with the images of water and nature/vegetation, both of which are relaxing images. It’s why turquoise is a color that looks beautiful in the bedroom as well as in any other room. You can combine different shades of turquoise and you can also combine this color with other tones.

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Published by in Interiors, on February 15th, 2013


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