Interesting Layout And Lots Of Smart Features In A Small Swedish Studio

Although size is important in the case of any apartment, there are ways to work around the lack of space. The layout can solve the problem and there are also numerous interior design solutions which facilitate comfortable living in a small space.

Take this studio apartment for example. It measures only 34 square meters which is barely enough to accommodate a living space and a bedroom. So where do all the functions fit in this space? Well, the sleeping area is on a whole different level. It’s a semi-private space suspended above the entrance. This leaves plenty of room on the ground floor for other things.

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The Benefits Of Having A Green Roof

A green roof is definitely something different. It’s something not everyone has and not exactly anyone’s first choice when building or remodeling a home. We all know that having a green roof comes with certain advantages but what exactly are we talking about? Let’s analyze the concept.

Public Benefits.

A green roof presents both public and private benefits. For example, if a certain region has green roofs then that particular area is aesthetically pleasing and can thus attract more investors. But there are also other more practical reasons why a green roof is great to have.

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Jaw-Dropping Flower Beds Arrangements And Landscape Designs

Flowers and plants have been used for centuries to decorate gardens and courtyards. A flower garden is basically any garden where flowers are grown for decorative purposes. Most often, flower beds are created and spread throughout the garden or yard.

Spruce up your entrance with beautiful flower beds

by Greg Premru Photography

Because flowers bloom at various times of the year, when creating he design for your flower beds you can take this into consideration and come up with a mix so you get a permanent flower arrangement.

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Golden Kitchens: Ideas & Inspiration

Golden hues and glittering accents, your kitchen could certainly have a glitzy, glamorous appeal without being overly dramatic or harsh on the eyes. Turn the center of the house into something super luxurious and special by added some gold touches to the space. Dip it, compliment it or just decorate it with this warm and rich tone. Let’s take a look at some beautiful, golden kitchens!

1. Cottage Walls.

This slightly bright, golden wall color is perfect for a quaint and cozy kitchen. It has a brilliant, cottage feel and certainly sets a happy tone.

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10 Last Minute DIY Decorations You Should Try This Easter

Easter is one of those holidays that take you by surprise. There’s not a lot of time left and plenty of things to do so you might be tempted to overlook some of the details such as the decorations. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time preparing them. We have some great ideas for you to try this year.

1. Tissue paper eggs

It’s not really Easter without colorful eggs so let’s see how we can incorporate this symbol into our DIY projects. One idea is to make tissue paper eggs. You draw an egg on cardstock and repeat for the number of eggs you want to make. Cut out the eggs and lay the tissue paper. Then cut rectangles a little bit longer than the width of the egg, fringe the bottom edge and stack the pieces on the egg.{found on brit}.

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Contemporary Lighting that Captures Nature’s Beauty

Nature is one of the most popular themes in contemporary design, and lighting fixtures are no exception. The beautiful lines and inspiring contrasts found in nature can be (and have been) captured skillfully in many modern lighting pieces. Here are just a few we’ve found:

Lighting is a powerful factor in any space. This exquisite pendant, for example, is not only beautiful in its own right, but it also has the power to transform a simple bedroom into an enchanted forest grove.

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Where & How To Store Your Linens: Ideas & Inspiration

Between the extra guest towels, sheets, shams, blankets for the living room, cloth napkins and more … it’s hard to find the space to organize these necessities. And then, if you’re even lucky enough to have an extra closet especially for these linens or even an extra cabinet .. how do you organize them? We’re here to give you some ideas and inspiration! So, sit back and check out where to store your linens with us!

1. Baskets Full.

If you have shelves or a cabinets in the guest bathroom, store you towels, wash cloths and extra shower curtains in baskets! They won’t be out in the open to easily get dirty, but they’ll be easily accessible and stylishly organized.

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